1971 - present

In the late 1970s, Volkswagen leased a portion of the facility and produced parts for its new Rabbit automobile. Auto parts maker Gestamp now uses the "stamping plant" once occupied by Volkswagen.

In 1970, FMC lost its contract for more M113 production at the old NOP. It quickly sold most of the property to Raymond Park, a Cleveland-based development mogul.

Through the 1970s, the facility was a manufacturing base for American Motors Corporation and later Volkswagen, and even hosted the famous American Freedom Train (above) in 1976.

Known generically for a while as the Charleston Ordnance Center, the property was eventually rebranded as the South Charleston Industrial Park. Most of the NOP's original buildings still serve as South Charleston's industrial core, hosting a number of important business developments through the decades.

Under Ray Park's management, the old NOP continues to attract companies like UPS, Appalachian Power, ClearOn chemical company, and global auto parts maker Gestamp.

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