Robotics Club

Club Information

The Linkbot RoboPlay Club (LRC), an after-school technology, programming, and robotics program, is being offered for students at Foothill Middle School. Our club empowers our students to learn, investigate, explore, create and collaborate with technology. ​

Our club meetings are held on Thursdays from 2:30 - 4:00 in room T2.

Ms. Elliott (CTE/engineering/robotics teacher) is the facilitator.

The purpose of the club is to build students’ interest in the various aspects of robotics, including math and engineering, and to provide access to additional technology time using the school’s resources. One of the activities we can choose to participate in later in the school year is the annual Roboplay competition at UC Davis. We can take teams of students and coaches. This is not a required activity, but preparation for the competition will be part of the curriculum in the spring. Last year we place second at the regional competition and third in the state competition , and are excited to see how that learning will apply itself to the club this year. Of course, we hope this will lead to our students’ participation in further programs in high school and beyond.

Our curriculum will include C++ programming in a student-friendly development environment called Ch-IDE, developed at UC Davis. We will be be using programmable and configurable robots made by Barobo ( called Linkbots. The computers in T2 also have simulator software, so students will also be able to write and practice their programs. We currently have robots and accessories, and are working to purchase more through various grants and donations.

Please note that you or your student is not required to purchase, donate, or contribute any portion of the costs for the after school club. However, if you voluntarily decide to purchase, donate, or contribute any portion of the costs for the club, your purchase, donation, or contribution will be applied to the overall budget for all students to participate in this year’s club. Families who would like to contribute to materials for the club (or other technology projects at Foothill) may make donations directly to Foothill Middle School (please note that donation is for the club) or may visit

One of the highlights of the day is the snack time between school ending and the club beginning. We encourage each family to sign up to bring snacks at least once in the course of the year. The link to the snack schedule sign-up is HERE ( Please let me know if you have any trouble with it. Again, this is not required.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Elliott at I will be happy to answer questions.