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Board Policy BCBI Public Participation in Board Meetings.pdf

Addressing the Board

POLICY: BCBI -Public Participation

If an individual or group request to appear before the board, please email the Superintendent,. Dr. Robert A. Griffin. by 12 noon the day of the meeting. You will be contacted by the Superintendent. (see policy above for more details)

NOTE: There is a 3 minute time limit

Email: robert.griffin@mcssga.org

Regulation BCBI-R : Public Participation in Board Meetings

Adopted 9/21/22


These procedures are in accordance with Policy BCBI and provide the Rules of Conduct, in accordance with O.C.G.A. §20-2-58, for all Board meetings. Further, for scheduling purposes at regular board meetings, prospective speakers during the public participation item on the agenda must sign up by 12 noon in advance of the meeting with the Superintendent’s Office.

All attendees shall remember that while the meetings are open to the public, the purpose of the meeting is to conduct the business of the school system and members of the public are invited to participate only as allowed by Board policy and these procedures.

  1. Members of the public shall conduct themselves in a respectful manner that is not disruptive to the conduct of the Board’s business. Signs, flags, and banners are prohibited inside the Board meeting room.

  2. Each member of the public participating in public comment will be given no more than three (3) minutes to speak unless waived by a majority of the Board Members present.

  3. Only residents of the School District, representatives of businesses or organizations located in the district, parents or guardians of students attending the schools of the district, or school system employees may address the Board during public participation. No individual or group will be retaliated against, in any manner whatsoever, for speaking during public participation.

  4. The Board requests that any group or organization appoint a single representative to address the Board regarding a same subject matter.

  1. All speakers shall address the Board by first stating their names. All remarks shall be made to the Board as a body and addressed through the Chair. Remarks shall not be addressed to individual Board members.

  2. Issues involving individual employees or individual students and pending litigation are not subjects for public participation. Where appropriate, the public is urged to follow other resolution processes set forth in Board policy or available at individual schools, where those processes are clearly designed to address the issue to be raised.

  3. Speakers are asked to keep their remarks civil. The use of obscene, profane, vulgar, physically threatening or abusive remarks will not be allowed. Loud and boisterous conduct or comments by speakers or members of the audience are not allowed.

8. The Board will not respond to comments made by the speaker during public participation unless a member of the Board chooses to ask a question. Speakers should remain at the microphone while answering questions.

By reading and acknowledging acceptance prior to speaking during public participation, speakers attest that they understand and will abide by these procedures. The Chair of the Board is responsible for enforcing these procedures. Those who are attending a meeting or speaking during public participation and violate these procedures will be warned by the Chair.

A continued violation may result in a speaker being asked to sit down. If any person attending a meeting and refuses to follow these rules disrupting the meeting, they will be asked to leave and if they refuse, be escorted from the meeting room. Such serious or repeated violations of the rules of conduct may result in the individual being prohibited from speaking during a board meeting for an appropriate period of time.

Any attendee violating the laws of the State while on District property or attending a meeting of the Board shall be subject to arrest by law enforcement.

Any individual who is on the agenda to address the Board will acknowledge via signature the receipt of BCBI-R prior to addressing the Board.


Date: _______________________________________

I,____________________________________________, have read and understand the above rules of conduct regarding public participation portion of a Board of Education meeting, and agree to follow those rules.

I am a □ Parent/Guardian □ Employee □ Meriwether County Resident

□ Meriwether County Representative of Business or Organization

Home Address:__________________________________________________

School (if applicable):_______________________

Contact Number: ___________________________

I wish to address the Board of Education at the meeting scheduled for ___________________ on the following topic:



Signature:___________________________________________ Date_________________________________________________

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JULY 5, 2022

Pending Documents

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Public Comments

Please review all pending policies if you have any questions or comments please email the Superintendent. Dr. Robert A. Griffin.

Email: robert.griffin@mcssga.org

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