Electrotherapy is the use of electrical energy as a medical treatment. The term has also been applied specifically to the use of electric current to speed wound healing. Additionally, the term "electrotherapy" or "electromagnetic therapy" has also been applied to a range of alternative medical devices and treatments.

At MCR Therapies we provide full spectrum of treatments using electrotherapy. The list below is only for guidance and example:

  1. Pain management Improves range of joint movement
  2. Treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction
    • Improvement of strength
    • Improvement of motor control
    • Retards muscle atrophy
    • Improvement of local blood flow
  3. Improves range of joint mobility Induces repeated stretching of contracted, shortened soft tissues
  4. Tissue repair
    • Enhances micro-circulation and protein synthesis to heal wounds
    • Increased blood flow to the injured tissues increases macrophages to clean up debris
    • Restores integrity of connective and dermal tissues
  5. Acute and chronic edema
    • Accelerates absorption rate
    • Affects blood vessel permeability
    • Increases mobility of proteins, blood cells and lymphatic flow
  6. Peripheral blood flow Induces arterial, venous and lymphatic flow
  7. Iontophoresis
    • Delivery of pharmacological agents DC (direct current) transports ions through skin
    • Common drugs used: Dexamethasone Acetic acid Lidocaine
  8. Urine and fecal incontinence
    • Affects pelvic floor musculature to reduce pelvic pain and strengthen musculature
    • Treatment may lead to complete continence
  9. Lymphatic Drainage
    • Stimulate lymphatic system to reduce edema

Further options

At MCR Therapies we combine Electrotherapy with acupuncture and dry needling, delivering stimuli directly to affected tissues.

Sometimes it may not be as comfortable as we would like it to be.

During the treatment you will feel some currents flowing through your skin and causing your muscles to contract. When using needle stimulation the feeling may be more profound. We will be at your side for all the treatment duration so we could react quite promptly when the impulses are no longer comfortable for you.

There is no particular aftercare after your electrotherapy treatment however, we advise not to take overly strenuous activities afterwards. Let your body adjust and heal itself before you resume your sport regime.