Personal information

About our database

Please bare in mind that North West Clinic and MCR Therapies are required by law (Data Protection Act) to store your details in a professional manner, with database registered with the local Information Commissioner Office.

Your details will be stored in locked up facility for five years from your last visit/treatment. After that all information will be destroyed by incineration. It is a legal requirement that we provide you with information of whereabouts of your personal information should we ever move from our current premises. Therefore, please keep your contact details up to date.

You have the right to extract a copy of information we gathered. Should you have that wish then please feel free to contact us on that matter. This is known as a subject access request. Because our database is both paper and electronic based, a request for your personal information is paid £40 in cash only. You will receive a receipt.

Our database is both paper and electronic. No electronic data is being stored or processed online. The address for the database is : MCR Therapies, 1 Regent Street, Preston, PR1 3LX.

More about your local Information Commissioner Office here.

The information you provide us with will never be shared with any party without your expressed consent.