First contact

First visit

At the first visit we need to obtain some information about yourself. You will be asked some questions about your:

  • personal details
  • medication
  • conditions
  • allergy status

We need those details for couple of reasons:

  • to provide you with appropriate and safe treatment
  • for insurance purposes as this is a legal requirement

More information about our Patients' database here.

Assessment and Establishing a Treatment Plan

After gathering all available information from you, we will proceed with assembling some treatment plan. You will be informed if it is suitable for you to have treatment at our facilities or you need your GP to help you.

Please note that you will never be asked to stop your current medication nor will you ever be asked to stop any treatment that you are having by the time of your visit with us.

Your GP and consultants always have priority over our services and we would like to encourage you to actively provide them with all information in regards the treatment you are having with us. We will give you a written description about procedures you are having or about to have.

It is at utmost importance that you choose to consult your GP before any treatment with us if you do have that opportunity however, you will be assessed by us against precise criteria and contraindications before any treatment starts at our clinic.

MCR Therapies Clinic does not provide any diagnostic services for external use.

The treatment

You will be asked to uncover certain parts of your body to provide access to them. Our facilities provide maximum privacy and safety. You are entitled to feel comfy and safe and you will never be asked to uncover unnecessary parts of your garment.

Please note that we currently do not provide chaperone services. You may take someone with you to provide that, if that is something you require.

Our treatment table is made of PVC upholstery, you will be laid on single used sheet with an optional single used water proof layer as some procedures require it.

The temperature in our rooms is quite high, but nevertheless you will be asked couple of times if you're warm and if not - an infrared heating lamp will be applied to keep you cosy.

Our procedures run at minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 90 minutes.

Some of our procedures will be quite exhausting and may leave you very sleepy.

Dynamic treatment adjusting

We aim to adjust your treatments and procedures to precisely tailor them to your needs and progress. As we use a combined techniques we always aim for spontaneous, long lasting effects to limit the number of visits. Don't get us wrong - we would always like to see you however, due to the nature of our opening times and number of patients interested in our services - we are struggling with trying to help everyone.

And if you don't need to see us then it can only mean we've helped you and you're well.