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Welcome to MCR Therapies Clinic

We provide advanced, modern acupuncture techniques merged with modern rehabilitation therapies.

Our methods are validated and evidence based. It is a unique combination giving the best results. Where acupuncture or dry needling finds its limits - we cross them with rehabilitation methods.

We went beyond our way to provide excellent service for our Patients.

Quality Assurance

MCR Therapies is probably the only clinic in The UK having its own sterile services to allow the use of fully decontaminated equipment for every Patient.

We sterilise our treatment rooms with UV-C radiation to get the maximum level of decontamination after treating surfaces with liquid biociding agents. This provides decontamination from microorganisms and also from any human borne medicines such as chemotherapy residues from sweat etc.

Our database is registered at the Manchester Council's Information Commissioner's Office.

We are licensed with Salford Council Health Department and fully insured.

Contact us

MCR Therapies

1 Sharoe Green Park



Tel 07482 11 32 47

Free street parking, we accept card payments (ApplePay excl.), checks and financing schemes.

This page is meant to be easy to view to all, including those with vision impairments. If you struggle with viewing any part of this page please let us know at 07482 11 32 47.

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