About The Putnam Foundation

Founded in 1952, the Putnam Foundation is a private family foundation proudly supporting organizations in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire and beyond. Originally established to fund local, Monadnock Region, and New Hampshire organizations with a focus on the Arts, Culture, and Historic Preservation, the Foundation has evolved into two committees--the Local & State Committee and the Environmental Focus Committee. 


Local & State Grants

 The Local & State Committee provides funding in the areas of the arts, culture, and historic preservation in New Hampshire, specifically in the Monadnock Region.  

Interested in applying? Please email Kathy Brooks at kbrooks@mcmxi.com.

Environmental Grants

The Environmental Focus Committee works to combat the climate crisis through a variety of grantee programs, selecting groups who are working at the grassroots level to mobilize for climate justice. See our Vision, Mission, and Program Focus.

Interested in applying? Check  our grant requirements and complete an eligibility form. 



Contact kbrooks@mcmxi.com for more information.