What is the Black & Gold Collective?

Online sessions where a small group of McKinley students come together with someone in the community who has knowledge and expertise to share. These interactive and engaging sessions introduce students to topics outside of the typical classroom and offer real-life applications.

The best part is there are no requirements, no assignments, no grades, and no pressure. Just relax, learn something new and have FUN!

What is the Purpose of the Black & Gold Collective?

The virtual classroom allows students to see each other online, but it often does not allow them the opportunity to socialize. More of us are feeling isolated, bored, anxious and lonely. Black & Gold Collective sessions provide students with an opportunity to interact with their peers while learning a skill or gaining knowledge they may not acquire in the classroom. With their new skills and knowledge, they can further explore on their own and find more creative ways to spend their time while remaining safe at home. Students need to find healthy alternatives to phones and social media!

Questions? Contact:

Ms. Nakamura, Student Activities Coordinator


Ms. Panquites, Counselor