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2018-2019 School Year

Upcoming College Representative Visits

Use your Advisory period to its fullest potential by visiting then. All visits will be held in the upstairs northside room, first door past the Spanish Classroom during Lunch/Advisory periods unless otherwise noted.

Upcoming College Fairs

There are no upcoming College Fairs at this time.

Upcoming Parent/Student Seminars

Using SCOIR for College Planning and Career Research

Please click on the resource below that you are interested in viewing.

Standardized Test Information

Test dates and registration instructions can be found by clicking on the respective links. If testing after applying to universities, please notify the Admissions Representative of your test date and include the code for that university on your registration.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Father McGivney Catholic High School, students must earn a minimum of 26 units of credit. Twenty-four of these credits must be earned in academic areas. A minimum of two semesters of Fine Arts, one semester of Health Education, and seven semesters of Physical Education are required.
The following Credits are required to graduate from FMCHS in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022**:
English (All Writing Intensive)*** 4 CreditsMathematics (Taken at the H.S.level)*** 4 CreditsTheology 4 CreditsScience 4 CreditsSocial Studies* 2.5 Credits(to include ISBE required Government/Civics and Constitution Class) Health (10th grade) 0.5 CreditPhysical Education (7 semesters) 3.5 CreditsConsumer Econ Ed. (ISBE required) 0.5 CreditForeign Language 2 CreditsFine Arts 1 CreditAcademic Electives, Career/Technical Electives,Education Electives (Optional Up to 2 Credits) Coursework required for the College Preparatory Diploma include: 28 Credit Hours with 26 of those being the above mentioned requirements, successful completion of two Dual Credit or AP courses, and successful completion of Spanish III. Minimum credit units required for Graduation must reflect completion of the above named required courses.
*A student must pass a test on the Illinois State as well as the federal Constitutions to graduate.**An ACT or SAT score is required to graduate from FMCHS.***Per State regulations, all students are required to complete 2 Credits of writing intensive classes, Algebra I and Geometry for graduation.

College Planning Resources

Planning for High School and Resume.pdf
High School Transcript and Course Tracking Form.pdf
College Planning for Juniors and Seniors.pdf

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