Both members of Mass XV are former US Army Armor officers, with over 9 combined years of combat experience. We have lived with the implications of slow, monolithic acquisition and fielding processes, and seen Soldiers and leaders struggle to solve problems with the last war's technology. Upon transition, we mutually decided to dedicate our time and business to bring cutting edge solutions to Soldiers in need faster. We believe the best way to achieve this is through helping the companies that have the right products penetrate the government's requirements and acquisition processes. By connecting them with the right Army decision-makers and influencers, we can build footholds in military programs that dedicated sales, marketing and business development teams can successfully leverage to win business and provide better equipment to our military.

Scott Coulson, LTC, USA (ret.), MBA, served over 25 years as a US Army Armor officer, using, maintaining and adapting maneuver vehicles and systems to real-world combat challenges. With over four and a half years of combat experience, multiple planning roles on tactical and strategic staffs, and over three years integrating Army combat vehicle requirements, Scott understands the connections between combat vehicle development, acquisition and employment. Writer, editor and collaborator on the Army’s Combat Vehicle Modernization Strategy, his network extends from science and technology centers through programming, resourcing, and procuring to testing, training and fielding activities. Combined with a strong business background, Scott can help your team better understand problems and implement new winning strategies.

Bryan Denny, COL, USA (ret.) served over 26 years with multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, He served in a variety of Armor, Cavalry and Infantry command assignments with emphasis in Europe on the Stryker combat vehicle. Bryan is well versed in the Army's operating, maintenance, logistics, command and control systems from the platoon up. In his last assignment Bryan was the requirements and capabilities integrator for all Army combat vehicle, aviation, soldier, weapons, and robotics systems, and oversaw the development of the Army Robotics and Automatous Systems and the Combat Vehicle Modernization Strategies. After transitioning from the Army, Bryan served as Chief Strategist for Panton Inc., an IT analysis capabilities platform in Houston, TX.

Team Members

Matt Dooley, Lieutenant Colonel USA (ret.) was commission from the United States Military Academy in 1994. Through his 21 years of service, Matt established himself as a subject matter expert in operational and tactical robotic applications, Army doctrine, maneuver warfare, and the coordination of elements of national power for strategic objectives. He was the Army’s Principal Coordinating Author for the current Robotics and Autonomous Systems Strategy. Matt has developed several robotic concepts, autonomy Whitepapers, and swarm behavior discussions in support of the Army’s future capabilities development.

Scott Nolan, Colonel, USA (ret.) served over 29 years as a US Army Field Artillery officer including multiple combat tours to Iraq. He served in Field Artillery operational assignments throughout his career from platoon level through 4-Star Command Headquarters culminating as Director of Fires for US Forces Korea - understanding joint and combined fires synchronization and employment. He further served as a strategic planner serving as a Deputy Director G5 in US Army Pacific. His recent assignment was serving as the Director of Fires Modernization for Army Futures Command focused on Field Artillery and Air Defense modernization efforts. Scott understands the modernization enterprise from combat vehicle development, acquisition, testing, and employment.

Jesse Easter, Lieutenant Colonel, USA (ret.) began his 20-year Army career when he was commissioned Armor from the United States Military Academy in 1994. Since transitioning to Operations Researcher/Systems Analyst (FA49) in 2004, Jesse has provided campaign analysis to 4-star theater headquarters in the Republic of Korea and Afghanistan and program analysis in support of several programs, including the Future Combat System and Ground Combat Vehicle programs. Jesse’s analysis of noncombatant evacuation operations on the Korean peninsula identified several shortcomings and was instrumental to updating the joint and combined plan to conduct these operations.