Over 50 years of combined military leadership experience, with nearly 10 years of combat service; we have a continuous focus on our goals or mission, and will dedicate ourselves to solving your problems and accomplishing your objectives.

  • Strategic planning: we can help you examine your strategy from multiple directions, guide you through key decisions, align your efforts over time, and shape realistic expectations for accurate projections.
  • Opportunity identification: with a thorough understanding of your firm's core strengths, capabilities and processes, we can help your business development team see new and emerging government programs and initiatives, connect with key teaming opportunities, and discover new approaches for revenue.
  • Requirement shaping: we will engage key US Army and Government influencers and decision-makers to educate them and ensure they consider your firm's technology, products and capabilities as they are developing their future requirements. We work to create the space for you to compete in.
  • Key leader engagement: we identify the specific decision-makers your firm needs to speak with. We set up meetings, craft discussion points, and guide an approach that highlights the merits of your offering, positions your product in contrast to your competition, and injects key questions for government leaders to ask as they move towards contract awards.
  • Marketing approaches: we review your existing strategy, segment key audiences, identify customer "pain points," refine messages, highlight your differentiating features, and advise your marketing teams to reduce extraneous efforts, gain insight on effectiveness and metrics, and specifically target key audiences.
  • Color-teaming: we integrate with your proposal writing process to provide maneuver system requirement expertise, clear compelling language, prioritize criteria and assess overall impact, to give your document a distinct advantage in a competitive bid.
  • Decision-making: we examine your strategic decisions to place them appropriately in time and space, ensure appropriate metrics and weighting for considerations, and firm understanding of second/third order effects and opportunity cost
  • Leadership: we look at the organizational leadership within your company, as well as your training and developmental processes, to chart a path for the growth of your best and brightest.