Targeted Representation (continuous): Direct representation at US Army Training and Doctrine Command Headquarters at Fort Eustis, VA. This service includes a single man-day trip to your firm, a customized assessment of what aspects of the Army’s TRADOC are pertinent to your business, support for one visit by your leadership to TRADOC HQ per quarter for engagement with US Army leaders, and a customized monthly report on TRADOC activities and initiatives of use in your business development and planning.

Introductory Project (60 days): We work with your business development, marketing and sales staff to understand a specific challenge or issue you are seeking to overcome in winning US Army business. We provide a time-phased plan aligned with Army activities, develop metrics, identify specific Army requirements, propose specific Army leader contacts and directly support initial engagements as time/duration permits.

Market Analysis (30-60 days): In coordination with Vector Analytics, Mass XV provides opportunity identification and analysis in the Army and USMC combat vehicle portfolios. Vector Analytics provides/presents their US Military Ground Vehicle Forecast (2017-2025) with detailed funding analytics and projections. Mass XV provides further subjective analysis of the customer’s products and technologies focused on Army and USMC prioritized requirements. Seen together, this allows your firm to align military resourcing decisions, requirement development, and senior leader strategic prioritization to validate and qualify opportunities for pursuit in the near-, mid- and far-timeframes.

Leadership Project (90 days): We work with your executive or senior management staff to identify, analyze and propose solutions to organizational, training, business development, operational or customer facing challenges stemming from insufficient crisis management, adaptability or agility. Our combined 9+ years of direct leadership in unrelenting continuous combat, enables us to quickly see the key challenges of complex problems. We work with your leaders to craft processes, procedures and systems for quick reaction to crisis, rapid course changes, and effective management of multi-faceted problems that overwhelm normal operations. We provide implementation guidance, training planning, a complete report summarizing all recommendations and monthly telephonic reviews for up to a year.

Dedicated Business Development (continuous): We provide retainer-based continuous representation to assist your firm in selling products or services in the defense industry. Our experience and reach spans the breadth of Army maneuver systems, including: combat vehicles, rotary wing aviation, support systems, Soldier equipment and weapons, robotics and autonomous systems (aerial and ground), and C4ISR as well as components and equipment for all of the above. We use our experience to understand your company’s product, its value and limitations, and how it fulfills documented US Army requirements. We review your strategy, integrate with your ongoing business development activities, participate in monthly or weekly marketing coordination, attend recommended events or trade shows, develop specific plans with both objective and subjective metrics, identify key influencers and decision-makers, and assist your team in engaging these Army leaders effectively. We provide a monthly report on our activities and tailor our level of effort to align with your needs, budget and the phase of your marketing plan.