Autonomous Navigation and Sensor Fusion Lab (ANSFL)

Itzik Klein, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

The purpose of navigation is to determine the position, velocity and attitude of platforms, humans and animals. Obtaining accurate navigation commonly requires fusion between several sensors. The Autonomous Navigation and Sensor Fusion Lab (ANSFL) researches questions and challenges in the fields of autonomous navigation, data driven based navigation, inertial navigation systems, and estimation theory, as well as in related fields. We have ongoing projects on pedestrian navigation, animal navigation and localization, drone sensor fusion, underwater navigation, land vehicle navigation, and much more. Frequently we derive state-of-the-art data driven architectures to improve traditional navigation algorithms.

Quadrotor Dead Reckoning

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Navigation

Micro Vehicle Navigation

Join us at the ANSFL Robotics Summer Seminar 14/08/22

ANSFL exposure event, University of Haifa, May 2022.

UAE Education Minster visit at the Hatter Department of Marine Technologies, November 2021.

Our first experiment with Snapir AUV (ECA A18D), May 2021.

Finally, a face to face meeting :-), April 2021.

I am looking for highly motivated students to join my team. Further details are provided here.