Launch Manistee Network


Fall 2022

Seniors - November

  • Continue to apply to colleges

  • Complete your FAFSA if you have not done so already

  • After you submit it, check to see if you need to make any corrections

  • Look at your SAR (student aid report), review with Adviser if you have questions

  • After your FAFSA is filed, create a MISSG state aid account and see if you qualify for any state aid

Explore your options and opportunities

Complete yout college applications and suplemental requirements

File your FAFSA and apply for scholarships

Review your options and make your Postsecondary decision

Are you eligible for T.I.P.?

You can check to see if you are eligible for the Tuition Incentive Program (TIP) by creating an MiSSG account or calling the MI Student Aid Customer Care Center: 1-888-447-2687

In order to create an MiSSG Student Portal, you must have a TIP record or have completed the FAFSA. Click here to go to the Student Portal!


Promotes lifelong learning and empowers residents to advance themselves and Manistee County through education


Manistee county residents are ready to learn and ready to earn.

Value Statement

Education is for EVERYONE

The Launch Manistee Network is committed to building equitable and inclusive systems that remove barriers to education; Seeking to increase access and opportunity for more people, address inequities at the community level, strengthen community collaboration, and grow our human capital.