Meet Our PTA

District Positions

Christina Lassik


Christina is a mom of 2 boys in the district, at Ridgeway Elementary and Manchester Middle School. She has been a VP of Ridgeway since the 2019-2020 school year. She is very excited to be taking on the role of our President for the remaining term in the 23-24 school year. 

Christine Villalta


Christine has been a PTA member since her son started kindergarten at Ridgeway in 2021.  She has been a volunteer at Ridgeway, helping with the book fair, holiday shop, child ID's, and hot cocoa day.  She took on the role of PTA Treasurer for the 2023-2024 school year.

Caron Watson Bruzaitis


Caron has been a PTA Member since 2021. She was the Holiday Shop Lead for Ridgeway School during the 22-23 school year.  Her daughter attend Ridgeway School.  She took on the role of Secretary in July of 23.  She is looking forward to her new role. 

Sarita Dodd

Bylaws & Procedures 

Member since 2000 and Board Member since 2006 (as Publicity Chair).  She has served as VP @ WS (07-11), President (13-18), Bylaws Chairperson (18-Present), Chairperson and/or volunteer in the various schools for Book Fair, Holiday Shop, Events, Nominations and Programming.  Served on  the Ocean County Council PTA since 2017 (as Nominating Committee Member).  She also served as VP of Districts 2 & 3 and President-Alternate.  She currently serves as the Ocean County Council PTA President and as the NJPTA Bylaws & Procedures Chairperson.  

Christina Busch

Membership Chair  


Programming Chair

Jeffrey Dodd

System Administrator

PTA Member since 2000, he has volunteered at many PTA functions over the years. In 2013 he took on the roles of Webmaster & System Administrator.   He was the Membership Chair from       18-22.  He continues as our System Administrator.

Theresa Marcinczyk

Publicity & Website

PTA Member since 2001.  Board Member on and off since 2009 as Newsletter or Publicity.  She took on the role of Webmaster in 2019. 

Kelly Sales

Gift Auction Chair

Sonia Pinho


Sonia joined the PTA in 2019. She began as Sunshine Chair in October 2022. Sonia has two children who attend Whiting School. 


Visiting Author Coordinator 

Marianne Tupper

Scholarship Chair


Book Fair Chairperson


Holiday Shop Chairperson

Deborah Offerman

Legislative Chairperson

Regional Day School  & High School Positions

Michelle DeSantis

Co-VP Regional Day School

PTA Member since 2013. She became the VP at Regional Day in 2016.

Stephanie Shea

Co-VP Regional Day School

Kelly Dunckley

VP High School

Kelly has been a PTA member since 2009.  She has held positions as Whiting Bookfair Chair, Middle School Bookfair Chair and Gift Auction Co-Chair for the past 6 years. She was voted in as the HS VP in June 2021.

Middle School Positions

Katie Jessup

VP Middle School

Katie has been helping the PTA at MTES and also has helped with the Middle School. She’s a para/sub in the district and is joining us as the VP for the Middle School in 2023.


Book Fair (Middle School)


Holiday Shop (Middle School)

Elementary School Positions

Rosevelyn Medvigy

VP Manchester Township Elementary School

Rosevelyn joined the PTA when her son started kindergarten. She took on the role of Holiday Shop for MTES in June of 2020. She stepped up to be VP in September of 2021.

Jillian Nelson

Book Fair (Manchester Township Elementary School)

Stacie Cherichello

Holiday Shop (Manchester Township Elementary School)

Britany Reynolds

VP Ridgeway School


Book Fair (Ridgeway School)


Holiday Shop (Ridgeway School)

Laurie Greisch

VP Whiting School

Laurie has been a PTA member since 2019.  She became the VP for Whiting school in September 2021.

Dana Kura

Book Fair (Whiting School)

Dana was a VP at Whiting before she took over as Book Fair Chair. She has been a PTA member since 2015.

Kim DiPaolo 

Holiday Shop (Whiting School)