Meet Our PTA

Melissa Di Dia


PTA Member since 2004, and a Board Member since 2012. Positions included Book Fair, Sunshine, Ridgeway & Middle School VP before becoming our President in 2018.

Laura Citta


Laura has been our Treasurer since 2014. It is her first position as a Board Member.

Kathy Mango


PTA/Board Member since 2009. Her positions include Ridgeway VP, Middle School VP before becoming Secretary in 2018.

Kelly Dunckley

Co-VP High School

PTA Member since 2009. Board Member since 2011 as Book Fair Chair for WS and She was also the Gift Auction Co-Chair (2013-2018).

Deb Neuman

Co-VP High School

PTA Member since xxxx and on the Board since 2016 as MS VP. She currently serves as Co-VP at the HS.

Stacy O'Neill

VP Middle School

This is Stacy's first position with the Manchester PTA. She is new to the position for the 2019-2020 School Year.

Candice Vreeland

VP Ridgeway School

PTA Member since 2015 when her daughter entered Kindergarten. This is her first position with the PTA.

Heather Cramer

VP Manchester Township Elementary School

PTA Member since 2009 and a Board Member since 2016. She currently serves at VP at MTES (2016-present) & Box Top Chair at RDS

Heather Pushkal

VP Whiting School

Heather was VP at the Middle School, Holiday Shop at Middle School and now VP at Whiting.

Michele DeSantis

VP Regional Day School

PTA Member since 2013. She became the VP at Regional Day in 2016.

Sarita Dodd

Bylaws & Procedures Programming & Events

Member since 2000. Joined the PTA Board in 2006 as Publicity Chair. Since then has served in various positions including VP @ Whiting School (2007-2011) and President (2013-2018). She has served as Chairperson of Book Fair , Holiday Shop, Events, Nominations and Programming. She has been a member on all PTA committees. Currently serves as Bylaws Chair (2018...) and GA Committee Secretary (2018...). In 2017 served on the Ocean County Council PTA Nominating Committee. Currently serves as the Ocean County Council PTA VP of District 3 (2018+) & District 2 and serves on the NJPTA Board of Directors as the Ocean County President -Alternate.

Gina Herbert

Gift Auction

PTA/Board Member since 2010 as MS and HS VP. Gift Auction Chair since 2012.

Lisa Mitchell


PTA Member since 2004. She has been a Board Member for 8. Lisa has been the Secretary, has been on the Scholarship & Grant Committees and is now Legislative Chair as well as the Events Co-Chair.

Jeffrey Dodd


PTA Member since 2000, he has volunteered at many PTA functions over the years. Became a Board Member in 2013 as Webmaster and has been Membership Chair since 2018.

Theresa Marcinczyk

Publicity & Website

PTA Member since 2001. Board Member on and off since 2009 as Newsletter or Publicity. This is her first year as Webmaster.

Amanda Dodd


PTA Helper since she was in 4th Grade. PTA Member since 2013 and Board Member since 2018 as the Sunshine Chair.

Laura Henry

Visiting Author (Elementary)

PTA Member since 2015. Laura is the Media Specialist at MTES as well as joining the PTA Board as Visiting Author Chair this year.


Visiting Author (Middle School)


Visiting Author (High School)


Book Fair (Middle School)

Helen Pagliaro

Book Fair (Ridgeway School)

Helen has been Bookfair Chair at Ridgeway since 2017.


Book Fair (Manchester Township Elementary School)

Dana Kura

Book Fair (Whiting School)

Dana was a VP at Whiting before she took over as Book Fair Chair. She has been a PTA member since 2015.


Book Fair (Regional Day School)

Barbara Czarnecki

Holiday Shop (Middle School)

Barbara is new to our district and this is her first position with the Manchester PTA.

Jillian Moore

Holiday Shop (Ridgeway School)

Jillian has been the Holiday Shop Chair at Ridgeway since 2016.


Holiday Shop (Manchester Township Elementary School)

Christina Kline

Holiday Shop (Whiting School)

This is Christina's first position with the PTA.

Alonna Sitarik

Box Tops (Middle School)

Kelly Sales

Box Tops (Ridgeway School)

PTA Member since 2004 and Box Tops Coordinator since 2008.

Corrine Stinemire-Tordik

Box Tops (Manchester Township Elementary School)

PTA member since 2016. She was Box Tops helper that year and became the coordinator in 2017.

Angel Vaccarella

Box Tops (Whiting School)

PTA Member since 2015. Board Member for the past 3 years as Box Tops for WS.