Manchester Township PTA

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About the Manchester PTA

  • The Manchester PTA is the Manchester Parent, Teacher Association. We are a not for profit organization of Parents, Teachers, Adult Children, Caregivers, Seniors, Business Owners and more.
  • We are the adults who live and work in Manchester, that want a positive educational experience for the children of Manchester.
  • We are one PTA that serves all the schools in Manchester from the elementary to high school level.
  • We strive to make the education of our children more effective, cognitive and fun. The PTA partners the high quality education that the students receive with reinforcing programs that help to enhance the learning experience.
  • The Manchester PTA also provides the children with opportunities to put their learned skills to work in some unexpectedly fun ways.
  • Becoming a PTA member has never been more fun!

General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

7:00 PM

MTES Media Center

Join us for our first General Membership Meeting of the 2019-2020 School Year.

Come and meet our Board Members and hear about all of the events and programs that the our PTA is planning to make this year extra special for your children!

After the meeting, there will be a FREE Self-Defense Workshop which is open to all 6th thru 12th Grade Students, and all Parents.

2019-2020 Executive Board

President: Melissa DiDia

Treasurer: Laura Citta

Recording/Corresponding Secretary: Kathy Mango

Co-VP’s High School: Kelly Dunckley; Deb Neuman

VP Middle School: Stacy O'Neill

VP MTES: Heather Cramer

VP Ridgeway School: Candice Vreeland

VP Whiting School: Heather Pushkal

VP Regional Day School: Michelle DeSantis

Bylaws & Procedures: Sarita Dodd

Working Together Clipart

Help Wanted!! Our Children Need YOU!

Please email our PTA President if you would like to help with any of these positions.

  • Scholarships Chairperson (HS): The Scholarship Committee chairperson creates or modifies applications and cover letters (describing each scholarship Excellence By Example and Believe and Achieve) for the two different types of PTA scholarships. They must provide these scholarship applications to the Guidance Department at the High School. After scholarship applications deadline date, the chairperson assembles a committee to select the recipients of each award. The Chairperson prepares packets of essays for each Committee Member to read and vote upon. He/She also schedules applicant interviews where students go before the Committee. In late April/early May winners are chosen and the Guidance Department is notified of who the winners are. He/She attends Senior Scholarship Night (late May) to present the awards. The chair will also communicate with the PTA along the way, providing updates about the progress through these steps.
  • Visiting Author Chairperson at MS and HS: The Visiting Author Chairperson is responsible for researching and booking an appropriate Author to bring to each of the school levels, coordinating with each school to acquire feasible dates and interest in the possible Author. The Visiting Author Chairperson is the liaison between the Author and the PTA. The Visiting Author Chairperson develops a good rapport with the Media Center Specialist, Principal, staff and develops a good working knowledge of student interest to help guide them in author selection. He/She should be organized, personable and patient, and should enjoy doing internet research, emailing and making phone calls.
  • Holiday Shop Chairperson at MTES: The Holiday Shop Chairperson is responsible for the booking, setting up, running, reordering, packing up and financial reporting of the Holiday Shop. The Holiday Shop Chairperson should become familiar with the shopping interest of the students in the school and seek materials that represent those interests at the Holiday Shop. He/She is responsible for creating and distributing approved flyers, contacting and scheduling volunteers and handling of the finances for the event. The Holiday Shop Chairperson develops a good rapport with the office staff and communicates needs and plans with them. The Holiday Shop Chairperson is asked to attend 2 meetings a year to report to the PTA Board and General Members readiness prior to the and follow up after the Holiday Shop event. He/She must be organized, personable and patient, have a good sense of money, be reliable and have some computer skills.
  • Box Tops Chairperson at MS: The Box Tops Coordinator is responsible organizing, informing and encouraging participation in the Box Tops program at their school. The Box Tops Coordinator collects the Box Tops and prepares them for submission prior to the appointed deadlines and presents the school with the funds provided from Box Tops, making sure to keep a copy of the check information. The Box Tops Coordinator reports the amount of funds collected for the school each year, the contest run and the winners of the contest. He/She encourages continued participation through approved flyer communication during the school year and just prior to the summer months (for continued collection).
  • Programming Chairperson: The Programming Chairperson is responsible for researching and booking appropriate programs to bring to each of the school levels, coordinating with each school to acquire feasible dates and interest in the possible program. He/She should be organized, personable and patient, and should enjoy doing internet research and making phone calls.