Manawa Technology Department

Technology Goals: 2017-18

I want to learn about the Manawa learning community and help educators better use the technology we already have available. The goals listed below are focused on building relationships, growing capacity, communication, and improving our technology infrastructure.

Contact Information

Here is my contact information. You can also view my calendar. Please feel free to contact me or schedule a time if you want help with technology in your classroom.

Office: LWHS 208B


​Office Phone: ​920-596-5737

Mobile Phone: 920-538-4162

Bryant’s Google Calendar

Twitter: @bryantcobo


Teachers help students by making connections and growing relationships. The same applies to a technology director and teacher. The first year I hope to learn more about each teacher and find ways to help. The plan is to meet with each teacher and discuss a plan to incrementally improve technology use in their classrooms.

  • Be Available: My calendar and contact information is available to all staff. Send a meeting request if you see an available time in my calendar. Please let me know if there is a way I can help.
  • Teacher Meeting: Manawa has about forty-five teachers. The plan is to meet with each educator during the first quarter to discuss technology in their classroom. Give each teacher a voice and document their technology needs. The deliverable for each meeting is an agreed upon goal for how we can improve technology use.
  • Help Desk: We are starting a help desk system to help manage requests as “tickets”. Emails can get buried in my inbox. A help desk ticket is part of a system that ensures requests are handled in a timly manner.

Professional Development

Growing the capacity of educators is the single most effective way to improve technology use in the classroom. Professional development is not an an annual event. It is a constant cycle of incremental improvement. During the first year will will avoid any major technology changes. Instead, we will Improve use of existing technology and grow our community of experts.

  • Tech Workshops: Weekly in in the technology office (high school room 203B) or elementary library will will host a technology workshop. We may focus on a specific topic such as Sharp Boards or Google Classroom. Or, we can simply meet to help each other with classroom technology.
  • Conferences: As our budget and schedule allows, we will grow opportunities for teacher-leaders to attend educational technology conferences.
  • Twitter: Leverage social media to share information with staff. All staff are encouraged to grow their own personal learning community online.


We want to improve the way we share information with staff.

  • Documentation: Improve documentation and provide other online resources to staff. The Manawa Technology Site will be the primary location of technology documentation. By the end of the first year any system we support in the district should be represented on this website.
  • Email Newsletter: Monthly email newsletter sent to each staff member around the middle of each month. The intention is to limit the number of blast emails to all staff and better organize information.


We know our infrastructure is sound when the teachers don’t think about it.

  • Student Devices: Student mobile devices should be available and reliable.
    • Support 4 year chromebook cycle for students grade 9-12.
    • Provide devices for students 7th-8th grade from pool of devices no longer in use in the high school.
    • Elementary devices are high quality than the secondary. They should also show less wear because they remain in the school. We should establish a 4-5 year chromebook cycle for elementary Chromebooks.
    • Establish repair process for student devices in the secondary.
  • Staff Devices: Staff mobile devices should be available and reliable
    • Establish 3-4 year teacher laptop cycle
  • Classroom Technology: Operational classroom technology
    • Create rotation cycle for classroom technology.
    • Remove unused classroom technology. It should be either repurposed elsewhere in the district or recycled if out-of-date.
    • The new help desk system should be used to track issues with classroom technology.
  • Internet: Fast and reliable internet access.
    • Upgrade internet bandwidth to 1 Gbps.
    • Address any WiFi access issues around district. Install or upgrade access points in affected areas.
    • Research, publish, and promote any low-cost internet options for low-income families.