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The structural basis and the biological importance of protein communication

Our group consists of interacting scientists that are interested in improving our basic understanding and manipulation of interactions between proteins, using a combination of computational and experimental approaches.

This embraces different levels of resolution and scale: starting from the basic atom - level details of interactions; continuing to prediction and characterization of specific interactions; and finally addressing the ultimate question of their role within the context of a cell and a whole organism.

A main focus of our research is centered around peptide-mediated interactions: protein communication mediated by short motifs. We are interested in understanding the details of individual interactions, and how these are integrated into a complex regulatory signal.

Our computational tools include the structure-based computational prediction and manipulation of specific interactions using the Rosetta modeling framework, analysis of evolutionary signals hidden in sequences, and large-scale integration of this data by machine-learning approaches. We complement these with experimental validation of binding using traditional biophysical assays as well as large-scale display techniques.

Our peptide docking protocol Rosetta FlexPepDock has pioneered the way we model the structure of peptide-protein interactions, and has stimulated the further development of additional approaches. Our recent extension, Piper-FlexPepDock, allows now to predict the structure of peptide-protein complex starting from a peptide sequence and a receptor structure, without any prior knowledge of the binding site on the receptor or of the peptide conformation. These protocols are available as servers, and as part of the Rosetta distribution.


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structure-based identification, characterization & exploitation of short linear motifs in the ubiquitin system

Starting date: March 1st 2020.

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