How To Use


Register for:

PE 200 C --2 Units Fall / Spring

PE 200 B --1 Unit for Summer

PE 200 D or E --2 Units Fall / Spring (for those who have already taken PE 200 B or C)

CRN'S are located on the Online Web4 Class Schedule.

How to Use:

  • 1) Enroll/add the appropriate PE 200 course

  • 2) Complete a Fitness Center orientation

  • Simply stated: Options for using the Fitness Center up to 4 credit courses that you may take #’s 1-4 each, one time:

    • 1) PE 200 B or C -Super Circuit (take this first) then,

    • 2) PE 200 D -Super Cardio

    • 3) PE 200 E -Super Strength

    • 4) PE 202 -Interactive Fitness (Online)

    • 5) Continuing Education (CCSF Extension) -CE 500 (zero units)

    • -Faculty/Staff PE 201

    • -Community Pass (not available to the general public)

  • Beginning in Fall 2013, the new State mandated repeatability policy went into effect. Those who have already taken PE 200 B or C will need to sign up for PE 200 D or E or PE 202 for credits OR the Fitness Center/Lap Swim course through CCSF Extension/ Continuing Education (zero credits)

  • All users will log in and out of the system using their student ID number (or by scanning their student ID card). There are no exceptions to this policy. PE 200 enrollment will be verified in real-time when logging in. If you are not enrolled you may NOT use the fitness center --No exceptions!

  • The Fitness Center will provide the participants with a total body workout designed to accommodate all levels of fitness; from the elite athlete to the person who has never worked out.

  • There are also instructional videos available for each strength machine here and in the fitness center.

  • A complete circuit will provide strengthening exercises for all major muscle groups and a choice of cardiovascular workouts.

  • Students and faculty/staff may use the Fitness Center on a DROP-IN basis, anytime during open hours, provided they are enrolled in PE 200/202 (PE 201 for faculty/staff) and complete an orientation.

  • CCSF Extension/Continuing Education enrollees may use the Fitness Center on a DROP-IN basis, anytime during open hours, provided they are enrolled in the *CCSF Extension Fitness Center/Lap Swim course (via Continuing Education) and complete an orientation.

All users MUST complete their first 2 workout sessions by September 10 .


Register for PE 201 --0 units (not affected by repeatability)

Add codes are available by email during Add/Drop period

>>>download faculty/staff info. sheet<<<