Voters APPROVE Madison Public Schools bond referendum! 

Unofficial results indicate that voters have approved all three questions in the Madison Public Schools proposal.  

As of Tuesday night, the tally included 2039 votes in favor and 657 opposed for Question 1, 1930 votes in favor and 757 opposed for Question 2 and 1821 votes in favor and 857 opposed for Question 3. The totals will be updated over the next few days as officials count mail-in ballots postmarked by the election date and verify provisional ballots. 

Updates will be posted on this website.

The Board of Education is grateful to the Madison community for voting and looks forward to the improvements that will continue to support our students’ academic achievement in a healthy, safe and inviting learning environment.

Virtual Information Forum

The Board of Education hosted a webinar-style forum about the referendum on November 30, with a public Q&A. 

Panelists included Board members, district staff members, the architects who helped develop the plan to meet Madison Public School's needs, and the advisers who estimated the financial details of this proposed investment. 

Madison is Moving Forward . . .

Madison Public Schools strives to promote high levels of student achievement and empower every student in healthy, safe and inviting learning environments.   


Our students are high achievers, and the Madison Board of Education understands making improvements to our buildings is key to continuing to support academic success. Madison Public Schools buildings have been fixtures in our community for many years - generations of students have walked through these halls. Now the buildings need long-lasting updates to sustain them for years to come. The Board is proposing a bond referendum to complete these large-scale improvements. The vote is planned for December 12, 2023. 

. . . And Our Buildings Need Upgrades to Support High Academic Achievement madison bond referendum  madison bond referendum madison bond referendum madison bond referendum madison bond referendum madison bond referendum 

Careful planning and diligent research helped prioritize the most-needed infrastructure and facility improvements. Large-ticket maintenance items have been put off for years due to budget constraints, but key infrastructure items are now nearing or past the end of their useful life. Bond funding would address those needs quickly, capture state aid and reduce the risk of costly emergency repairs. Voter approval of three ballot questions could do all this – and more for the Madison community. 

Proposed projects would include:   

Other upgrades included in the proposal are improvements to common spaces that would enhance the overall educational experience.  

Some of the projects can’t wait -- they must be done whether or not voters approve the bond proposal. Approval gives the district the added benefit of using state aid to help cover the project costs. Roofing, electrical and HVAC systems must be maintained, and buildings need to be accessible to all students. Without bond funding, 100% of those costs would come from the operating budget that is funded by local property taxes. The district’s operating budget does not have enough wiggle room to cover the bare necessities plus those improvements at the pace that our high-achieving district will need them. 

Responsible Planning madison bond referendum

A bond referendum is a vote that asks permission to borrow money through the sale of bonds. The bonds would generate upfront funds to address needs more quickly than relying on the district’s annual operating budget and without relying solely on the local tax base. 

A bond referendum is a responsible financial strategy to complete building upgrades because it spreads the costs over time and some projects qualify for a special kind of state funding. Taxpayers across New Jersey pay into this funding source, but only districts with approved referenda can bring that money back home. The referendum gives the community a voice, and the state aid is only available with voter approval.  

If the referendum is approved, the district could begin making the proposed improvements as soon as summer 2024. 

What's on the ballot? madison bond referendum madison bond 

Like any space used daily, we need to invest in our buildings’ infrastructure to keep things running smoothly. Our current buildings need significant improvements to be able to continue providing the educational excellence that brings pride to our community. 

The Board of Education has organized the proposal into three questions that would make long-term improvements and updates across the entire district. Projects outlined in these questions require different investments from the community. 


Across the district, fire alarm and public address systems would be replaced, interior doors would be replaced, classrooms would receive heating and ventilation upgrades, interior renovations would be completed to key spaces such as bathrooms, classroom storage improvements, and building components that contain asbestos would be addressed. Plus, boiler replacements at Central Avenue School (CAS) and MHS; increased accessibility at Kings Road School (KRS), Madison Junior School (MJS) and Madison High School (MHS); and roofing replacement at MHS. 


Updates like emergency power sources and air conditioning in all classrooms and common areas would touch every school in the district. 

Other updates would include window replacement at CAS with energy efficient options. 

*Question 2 can only go into effect if voters also approve Question 1. 


Common spaces would be expanded such as athletic field and playground restoration, a gymnasium addition and two additional classrooms at CAS. At KRS, the Multi-Purpose Room would receive an addition and renovation. Restorations are planned for each school's parking lot, sidewalk and concrete stairs and MHS would also receive improvements to the athletic field and gymnasium. 

*Question 3 can only go into effect if voters also approve Question 1 and Question 2.