About The Madison Chorale

It was a circle of five musicians in the early 1970’s with $40 in their pockets who longed to see a dream come to fruition. With sheer determination and singularity of purpose, the group pooled their efforts to establish a viable and enjoyable form of group entertainment. Forty years later, their efforts have paid off.

The Madison Chorale, your local venue for talent and entertainment, celebrates 42 years ofinspirational music production. An auditioned intergenerational group open to men and women, the group performs a variety of holiday and Spring concerts in Southeastern Michigan. They have provided a creative and challenging outlet for those who love to sing.

Originally affiliated with the City of Madison Heights and Lamphere Continuing Education system and the city’s Parks and Recreation Department, the group sang for the first time at City Hall in May, 1973. Under the direction of various music directors who came and went, the group finally stabilized under the youthful and creative leadership of Maureen Kennedy. Recognized by the City of Madison Heights and honored by the State of Michigan House of

Representatives, the group provides many charitable performances and has an annual concert series.

The Power of Music

Music enhances the holiday spirit, freshens your outlook on life, fosters hope, exhilarates, encourages awareness of the arts. It requires effort and dedication on the part of those who bring us joy through their artful presentation of music. They transport us into the peaceful realm of pure harmony, or, with exuberance, open our eyes wide with exciting foot-stomping, gutsy musical rendition. Blues, ragtime, romance, show tunes, old tunes - somber, lively, spiritual, classical - you will hear a seasonal and varied production of music to warm your soul and lift your spirit. We have proudly presented programs such as the “Richard Rodgers Anthology,” Bach’s “Magnificat,” and Bernstein’s “Chichester Psalms.”

Join us and hear the music come alive for your enjoyment!