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Mid-America Christian University Esports proudly represents the long-standing gaming culture in our student body and community. Our varsity program provides students with scholarships, opportunities in esports, and national competition. The coaching staff is dedicated students' personal growth in esports, the classroom, and their relationship with Jesus Christ.

2023 - NACE - Overwatch 2 - Varsity Plus East 6 Season Champions

2023 - NACE - Overwatch 2 - Varsity Plus East 6 Tournament Champions

2022 - NACE - Rocket League - Varsity Plus East 3 Divisional Champions

2022 - NECC - Rocket League - Emergents Central Season Champions

2022 - NECC - Rocket League - Emergents Central Tournament Champions

2022 - OACE - Rocket League - State Champions

2022 - NECC - League of Legends - Navigators South Season Champions

Varsity Teams

League of Legends

League of Legends has been a part of MACU culture since its public release in 2009. Whether scrimmaging local schools or playing teams overseas, our varsity players continually stay on top of the current meta and work to master their game.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 started as club play on campus during the days of Overwatch 1 and quickly grew into a varsity program. Matching technical skill with team coordination, the Overwatch 2 team powers forward to maintain their competitive edge each season.

Rocket League

Being one of the most popular games on campus, the Rocket League varsity team sees fierce competition every semester, driving each player to push themselves to contend the top of the rankings and be their best.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

With such a huge Super Smash Bros. presence here in Oklahoma City, it is no surprise that our varsity team stays dedicated to honing their craft. Smash first arrived on campus on Nintento 64, and the competition at MACU only continues to grow year by year.

MACU Esports Schedule - Fall 2023

League of Legends

September 13th - NECC Activation Week 1

September 20th - NECC Activation Week 2

September 27th - NECC

Overwatch 2

September 26th - NACE

October 3rd - NACE

October 10th - NACE

October 17th - NACE

October 24th - NACE

November 7th - NACE

Rocket League

9/25/2023 - NACE

10/2/2023 - NACE

10/16/2023 - NACE

10/23/2023 - NACE

10/30/2023 - NACE

11/6/2023 - NACE

11/7/2023 - NACE

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

June 19th – June 22nd - 6pm to 8pm at MACU

August 19th - MACU

September 13th - MACU

8/19/23 1:00 PM All-Campus MACU Smash Tournament

9/28/2023 - NACE

10/5/2023 - NACE

10/12/2023 - NACE

10/16/2023 - NACE

10/26/2023 - NACE

11/2/2023 - NACE

11/9/2023 - NACE

Watch Online - twitch.tv/macuesports

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