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Hello Voyagers! I am so happy to be on campus after being gone for a whole year with my new baby boy Santiago. Remember I am here to help with any feelings you may experience. 

Let's have a wonderful school year! 

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Small Group Counseling 

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TK & K: Self-regulation 

K & 1st: Self-regulation 

1st: Self-regulation 

2nd: Social Skills 

2nd: Emotional Regulation 

3rd/4th: Social Skills  

3rd: Emotional Regulation 

4th & 5th: Emotional Regulation 

Can you create your own secret code?  

You will need a paper, pencil & markers/crayons for this activity.

1. To create your secret code you can use numbers, letters, pictures or symbols. 

2. To make it even trickier use a combination of all of them!

3. Once you have completed your secret code see if someone in your house can crack it. Good Luck! 

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"When little people are overwhelmed by BIG emotions, it is our job to share our calm, not to join in their chaos" - L.R. Knost