First Grade at Round Meadow

Welcome to first grade! Make sure to check this page weekly to stay caught up on important announcements and to see what students are working on each week.

Finishing off First Gradeā€¦. June 3rd - 7th

*The last day of school (Wednesday, June 12th) will be a minimum day (noon dismissal).

*If you have any overdue library books, please turn them in or your child will not receive his/her report card.


Story: Julius

Phonics: Review

Grammar: Review

Vocabulary: affectionate, impolite, untidy, tidy

Lightning Words: No lightning words this week.



Reminder: If your student is not sitting in line on the blacktop by 8:00am every morning, they will be marked tardy. School begins at 8:00am! Please make sure to drop off your child early enough that they are able get to the line in time! Thank you!

**Please make sure that your child has their own headphones in their cubbies! They need them regularly in the classroom to use the iPads and computers. Some headphones do not fit properly in the iPads, so please check them with your iPads at home before you send them in. Thank you!

*VOLUNTEERS : Please make sure you coordinate with the other parent if your are sharing a day. We can't thank you enough for your support and help!


* Every Wednesday students are dismissed at 12:10pm. They may stay and have lunch and will then be dismissed at 12:55pm.

***Make sure your child knows how they are getting home on Wednesdays (car, YMCA, or bus?)

*Before school, students go straight to the upper blacktop and sit in line until the bell rings. There will be supervision there from 7:30-8:00am. We will meet the students at their line when the bell rings at 8:00am.

* Students may bring lunch of buy hot lunch. Students need to know if they are buying hot lunch, so that they can inform us when we take daily attendance.

*Make sure they have a healthy snack to eat at their morning recess.

*If you need to contact us for any reason the best way is through email. It is much easier for us to check our email and respond you as quickly as possible. Thank you for all of your support!