1. READING: Read for at least 20 minutes in your "good fit" book. Reading Counts Month #1 ends on Friday, September 28. Students should have read a minimum of 20,000 words by Friday.

2. MATH: Do the back side of the worksheet we did in class. Remember to tell the strategy you used!

Remember, when you estimate you can:

  • round both numbers to the nearest HUNDRED
  • round both numbers to the nearest TEN
  • round in a mixed way
  • round using compatible numbers like 25 + 75 / 80 + 20 / 50 + 25

3. OPTIONAL With your parents, leave a blog comment on the Connect the DOTS Stories! (Comments often do NOT go through using Safari. Not sure why. I recommend using a different browser like Chrome or Firefox. )

Is my book a Reading Counts book?

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