Thursday :: It's Family Blogging Month!

BOOK REPORT: Turkey Character Trait Rough Draft sent home on November 5. Rough draft due by Friday, November 9.

Once I've approved the front page rough draft with the traits and evidence, students can write the final draft on the paper provided. (Lined paper is available if needed for neatness). TWO sample paragraphs were sent home on Thursday. They are color coded to show topic sentence, conclusion sentence, and transitions.

The final book report will include the character trait paragraph and the dressed up turkey! Gobble Gobble!


• Read for at least 20 minutes in your "good fit" book.

• Reading Counts Month #3 Friday, November 30. Students should have read a minimum of 20,000 words by Friday.

2. MATH:

* Do p. 152

* Freckle is always open! Try to meet your goal!


* You are free to work at home to complete your narrative and the second writing piece so you are ready for your conference.

* Practice your cursive! We know i, u, e, l, and t

* November is Family Blogging Month! Compose a 2-pt quality comment with your family! Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog OR Yollis 365 Blog

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