Music Booster Vounteeer positions

Calabasas High School Music Boosters

Executive Board


*Preferred method of contact for all board members is email*


Andrea Meichelbock


Vice President

Cindy Karnick



Ian Mercer


Recording Secretary

LaRaine Boyd


Corresponding Secretary

Mari Denlinger



Martie Muhoberac


Committee Chairpersons

Assistant Treasurer: works with the Executive Board Treasurer, receives and deposits monies from fundraising. Collects the participation contribution “blue forms” and keeps our Google Drive spreadsheet up-to-date with information

Awards Banquet: organizes and runs the end of the year awards banquet,

Community Partnerships: organizes restaurant fundraisers, seeks out donations from the community to help support CHS Music

Concert Coordinator: coordinates with the PAEC manager for concerts to set up box office promotion/ticket prices, volunteer sign ups, concessions, seating for non performing students and VIPs

Concert Concessions Coordinator: monitors the CHS Music calendar for updates of our concerts, organizes concessions donations, requests concessions bank, oversees all concert concession sales at all CHS Music Concerts, supervises set up/clean up, orders pizza, and prepares money for deposit (needs to find own replacement if cannot attend)

Handbook: helps to organize the layout, input, and printing of the CHS Music Handbook (is a Summer position)

Hospitality Host: organizes donations and/or food catering for picnics, events, special guests, clinics, and festivals

Marching Band Parent: organizes donations of snacks and water for all CHS home football games, arrives at least 40 minutes prior to game time to gather items, take to the stands, and block off seating for THE BAND if necessary

PFC Liaison: represents CHS Music at all PFC meetings to promote our events and reports PFC meeting information at our CHS Music Booster meetings (needs to find own replacement if cannot attend)

Photographer: takes pictures for ALL CHS Music Concerts and Yearbook picture day in January to take candids. This can be split into 3 separate photographers for concerts if necessary (Classical, Jazz, and Vocal)

Program Design: creates programs for all CHS Music Concerts and creates promotional materials for social and print media

Publicity: coordinates with President and or VP to write and send the CHS Music blurb for the weekly CHS Newsletter, helps promote CHS Music throughout the community through The Acorn and other print and social media.

Recycling Coordinator: organizes volunteers to take recycling bags to the Recycling Center and send in the money after all CHS Home Football games and monthly after football season (coordinator needs to fill any open slots)

See’s Candy Sales: handles the distribution of See’s Candy promotion, collects money, orders candy, and distributes candy to students

Senior Program-Money: collects and keeps a spreadsheet of all senior ad income for the end of the year senior ad program

Senior Program-Design: designs the layout and produces the end of the year senior program

Spirit Wear: researches, orders and distributes all CHS Music spirit wear as well as organizes sales throughout the year

Spring Fundraiser Auction: Official blurb coming soon

Spring Fundraiser Opportunity Drawing: organizes and creates the raffle for the end of the year

Theatre Booster Liaison: represents CHS Music at all CHS Theatre Booster meetings to promote our events, create a smooth flow of communication between the groups, and reports back CHS Theatre events at CHS Music Booster meetings (needs to find own replacement if cannot attend)

Uniforms-Guitar: orders and distributes guitar polo shirts to students

Uniforms-Gowns: sizes, orders, and distributes gowns to students

Uniforms-Tuxedos: sizes, orders and distributes tuxedos to students

Yearbook: designs the layout for our end of the year CHS Music Yearbook, helps with printing and distribution

Website: manages our Google site content, posting information for students and parents about auditions, concerts, fundraisers, and other music program events and happenings

Executive Board

Executive President: attends all meeting of both Executive Board and general meetings, supervises the direction and control of Music Boosters business, officers, and committee volunteers

Executive Vice President: assists the president in all duties, attends both Executive Board and general meetings

Treasurer: attends all Executive Board and general meetings, creates CHS Music Boosters annual budget, dispenses approved funds, prepares and publishes monthly financial reports and annual report, ensures all 501c3 procedures are in place, files all tax returns with CPA and distributes 1099s to our vendors

Corresponding Secretary: conducts all official correspondence for Boosters, notifies membership of meetings, events, etc with approval from President and/or Vice President, attends all Executive Board and general meetings and is our System CHARMS Administrator: inputs all CHS Music students into CHARMS, creates reports/rosters, sends emails, and helps students and parents with login issues

Recording Secretary: records, keeps, and publishes official minutes of both Executive Board and general meetings

Parliamentarian: attends all Executive Board and general meetings, ensures meetings are run according to Robert’s Rules of Order

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