GradeHub: A Better Scantron?

Eric J. Hagan, DeSales University


This lightning round presentation will describe an instructor's experience with GradeHub, a exam scoring service from a start-up company that has re-imagined machine readable answer sheets.

With GradeHub there is no need to buy proprietary answer sheets or readers. Answer sheets are printed on a standard laser printer and read using a standard scanner, like those built into many office copiers or printers. Scanned answer sheets are uploaded into the cloud, analyzed, resolved, and scored within a matter of minutes. GradeHub integrates with learning management systems such as Canvas and Blackboard, with approved scores automatically updating the LMS gradebook.

Through a user-friendly dashboard, GradeHub provides all the examination statistics an instructor is likely to need. Raw response data can be download for advanced analysis by 3rd party statistics programs.

GradeHub will be of interest to institutions that wish to save money on answer sheets and buying and maintaining equipment and to instructors that want a more convenient way to score machine-readable answer sheets.



GradeHub effortlessly modernizes scantron testing. Simple yet powerful. A cloud-based tool for classrooms, lecture halls, and testing centers.

Key Terms/Tags:

Automated grading, Scantron

Directions for GradeHub:

  1. Visit the GradeHub website and create an account. Verify your e-mail address.
  2. Create your account and set up your organization.
  3. The free version of the software allows for 40 students per course and 25 questions per exam.
  4. To begin adding exams, select “New Course” and enter your course information.
  5. Once a course is created, select that course. Upload your student roster for that section by clicking “Manage Students” and importing the file. Select “Create Exam” to begin using the system.