Powell Athletics

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In these years of exploration, middle school students ought to try their luck and test their wings in a wide variety of activities without undue stress and possibly destructive pressure.

The primary purpose of the intramural program is to expand the educational experience of student participants through a variety of activities. This program will allow individuals the greatest number of opportunities in which to acquire and gradually strengthen related skills.

The intramural program has become an important educational tool that can be used to develop character, promote fitness, foster lifelong recreational habits, and to instill in the individual a sense of pride and confidence.

The intramural program is for everyone; it does not discriminate. Everyone is able to participate regardless of skill level.

At the seventh and eighth grade levels, the athletic program is slightly more competitive with athletics being divided into A, B and C levels for the purpose of competition with other middle schools.

Student Objectives

Research has shown that students who are involved in extra-curricular activities are more successful overall in their academic classes.

Students who participate in the intramural/athletic program will be provided with opportunities to explore:

Individual interests.

  • Personal limits.
  • Experiences they cannot acquire or learn in the formal classroom setting.
  • Different channels of social, physical and emotional development.
  • Feelings of membership and camaraderie.
  • Lifelong leisure activities/hobbies.
  • Feelings of success in school activities.
  • Opportunities to build self-confidence.
  • Ideals of sportsmanship.


  • All athletes need to complete a Parent Permission Liability Form to satisfy district standards.
  • All athletes need to attend all practices, unless they have an excused absence from school. If students miss practices they will not be part of the starting line-up on game days.
  • All athletes must be in attendance for at least one-half of the school day in order to participate in a game that day.
  • All athletes are expected to practice, regardless of their eligibility status.
  • If an athlete is failing a class, he/she may not participate in games until that grade has been raised to at least a D.
  • All athletes academic eligibility status will be evaluated at least 3 times during a season, with many coaches evaluating prior to each game.
  • All athletes who are suspended from school are not allowed to participate in games or practices until the suspension is complete.
  • All athletes must pay their participation fee before they are eligible to participate in practices or events.


  • Attend all practices in order to participate in an activity.
  • Remain at your practice until dismissal by the coach(es).
  • Be a good citizen and exhibit sportsmanlike conduct.
  • Meet all grade eligibility requirements.
  • During practices and games all players will remain with their coach(es) in the gymnasium, both at home and when visiting schools.
  • Players from visiting schools will follow the expectations and directions from staff at the host school.