A school counselor is someone...

LCS & LMS Mission: Working together to empower, challenge, and inspire - One Lowndes!

LCS & LMSVision: A learning community striving for excellence every day

Our Vision

To collaborate with all stakeholders to promote rigorous education, student empowerment, and support to increase academic, career, and social -emotional development for all future Lowndes County graduates. The school counseling program ensures all students receive services to increase life readiness skills and strategies.

Our Mission 

The comprehensive school counseling program  integrates equitable resources, evidenced based interventions and programs to increase success in all students in a safe, orderly, and challenging environment.  The school counselors collaborate with community stakeholders to promote equity, excellence, support, and equality for students to gain success now and in the future.

The Lowndes Middle School Counseling Program

School Counselor Assignments