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a message from our school leader, MS. LANG

The 2021-2022 School Year begins with a warm welcome to you, from our LLCS Faculty and Staff, who have been diligently preparing for your student’s return on Monday, August 16th! Our teachers have been planning, our administrative and office staff completing registration, enrolling new students, ordering materials, and more, and our custodial staff and student volunteers have been diligently working to sanitize and prep our facility. We are ready for a strong reopening!

Our hope is that our students are recharged and ready to take on this important school year! With many updates and improvements, we plan to increase academic engagement and rigor in the classroom, combating learning loss from the impacts of COVID-19, with goals for a seamless school year, with 5 days per week in person learning for all, no hybrid or virtual learning, and all of our NaviGators back home, on-campus, where we build leaders through project-based experiences. This year brings positive change, and we look forward to a healthy year, with stability, high expectations, and strong academic growth.

As we reopen, LLCS will maintain many safety practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect our instructional environment, ensuring more instructional time and continuity. Click here to access our Return to In-Person Learning plan for the 21-22 school year.

This is our newly updated COMPASS Summary, enhanced for a strong home to school connection! I hope you enjoy this new format and find it family-friendly! I eagerly look forward to greeting you all again in August, back together, ready to learn!

Gators, let’s CHOMP!

Ms. Julianne Lang, School Leader

WELCOME TO our school

Based on the school-wide curriculum goals that reflect the mission statement, a uniquely designed innovative curriculum framework provides the structure upon which meaningful and engaging lessons and activities are based for every grade. This framework is balanced with quarterly focuses and supporting Project Based Learning (PBL) activities, all aligned with the SC Academic Standards. Quarterly focuses include Lowcountry Regional Awareness, Environmental Issues and Stewardship, the Arts, and Debate/Collaborate/Negotiate, each of which is taught through three PBL projects reflecting a specific theme.

A natural benefit of K through 12 learning is seamless education. Seamless education provides students with a predictable learning environment where school-wide policies and programs are strategically modified to maintain efficiency and effectiveness for all grade levels. Age appropriate expectations, consequences, and rewards are tailored for elementary, middle, and high school students.


The mission of Lowcountry Leadership Charter School is to provide a safe, exceptional academic environment that cultivates independent learning, character enrichment, and regional awareness while developing accountable leaders, community stewards, and diverse thinkers through project-based experiences.


The vision of Lowcountry Leadership Charter School is to develop an intrinsic desire and purpose within our students, that will nurture confidence for authentic leadership opportunities to investigate, collaborate, and resolve issues of inquiry, involving all academic disciplines and extracurricular and athletic activities, within an atmosphere of encouragement steeped in high expectations and natural rewards, thereby yielding healthy, well-rounded, moral, accountable, and compassionate advocates of human rights, national resources, independent means, and civic responsibility.

Our commitment to accomplish this vision is based on the following beliefs:

    • Like-Minded Goals

    • Academic Excellence

    • Moral Excellence

    • Project Based Instruction

    • Teachers as Facilitators

    • Students as Mentors

    • Community and business support and involvement


The focus of Lowcountry Leadership Charter is developing leaders through project-based experiences.

LLCS is accredited by the State Department of Education and by SACS through AdvancEd.

LLCS serves students eligible to attend SC Public Schools for grades K5 - 12th. Space limitation is the only barrier to entry. There are no tests or entrance exams to apply.