Reimbursement Information


Please review the site for updates and your responsibilities

County Substitute Certification

Attendance at a district substitute meeting is required.

You must provide proof of fingerprint/Criminal History Background Check recently completed

You must provide original transcripts in a sealed envelope (copies are not acceptable)

You must remit a money order payable to the "Commissioner of Education"

You will need to complete 2 forms with the Personnel Office through Frontline

All of the above will be sent to the NJDOE County office by the Personnel Office


Please review the above policy link if you are submitting for credit reimbursement.

The current policy will effect all employees who are applying for new programs

For Tuition Reimbursement:

Send the following items listed below through email to: yvasquez@longbranch.k12.nj.us

approved Graduate/Undergraduate Frontline Central form for class

transcript/report card with grade earned for class

invoice/bill showing amount due for class

receipt showing payment made by you for class

Course Approval submission timelines:

Forms on Frontline Central:(forms must be approved 2 weeks prior to course start date)

Summer Semester by May 1

Fall Semester by August 1

Winter Semester by December 1

Tuition Reimbursement submission timelines:

Summer Semester by September 1

Fall Semester by February 1

Winter Semester by June 15


Please fill out Change of Salary Guide form on Frontline Central


send original transcripts to:

Yvelise Vasquez

540 Broadway

Personnel Office

PLEASE no copies of transcripts

any question contact Yvelise Vasquez


ext. 40035