Parent & Student Helpful Videos

Every student in the district has access to district chromebooks. 

Technology Help Desk number is 512-398-0050 or email

Chromebook Videos

What is a Chromebook.mp4

What is a Chromebook?

Taking Care of the Chromebook

How to locate apps/programs.mp4

How to locate apps/programs

How to Login to a Chromebook.webm

How to Login to your Chromebook

Charging your Chromebook.mp4

Charging your Chromebook

How to Check WiFi Settings on a Chromebook.mp4

How to Check WiFi Connection on a Chromebook

How to split screen on Chromebooks.webm

How to split your screen on a Chromebook

Untitled: Sep 28, 2020 12:22 PM.webm

How to access the TI-84plus calculator

Untitled: Sep 28, 2020 12:27 PM.webm

How to remove the onscreen keyboard

How to change the language settings.webm

How to change the language settings


What is Clever_.mp4

What is Clever?


How to use the Flipgrid camera options

Google G Suite 

Signing In

App Launcher


How to login to Chrome with a student account


How to check your Gmail

Google Classroom

How to login to Google Classroom.mp4

How to login to Google Classroom

How to find Google Classroom on a Chromebook.webm

How to find Google Classroom on a Chromebook

How to join Google Classroom.mp4

How to join a Google Classroom

How to switch between Google Classrooms.webm

How to switch classes in Google Classroom

How to check .webm

How to see what work has been assigned or completed

How to complete assignments.mp4

How to complete assignments

How to view grades for completed assignments.webm

How to check grades on completed assignments

Google Meets

Google Meets.webm

Google Meets

How to use

Lion Link Internet Service

Letter to Parents Phase 2.pdf

Letter to Parents

Phase 2

Letter to Parents Phase 1.pdf

Letter to Parents
Phase 1

Read Write Extension

Google Read_Write.webm

Read/Write Extension
(purple puzzle piece)

Reflex Math for 2nd-5th Grade

Take a Tour _ Reflex.webm

Take a Tour of Reflex


Login through Clever.

Parent Tutorial-Seesaw Login with ipad .mov

How Students Login to Seesaw on an iPad

Parent Tutorial- Seesaw Activities.mp4

How Students Complete Seesaw Activities

Switching Classes in Seesaw.webm

Switching Classes in Seesaw

Adding Multiple Students to the Parent Account

Skyward - Grades, Attendance & Yearly Registration

Family Access Overview

Skyward Family Access Login for Existing Users.mp4

Skyward Family Access Login for Parents with Children Enrolled at LISD

Online Registration Completed at the Beginning Each Year

Downloading the App to Check Grades and Attendance

Setting Up Notifications for Missing Assignments & Attendance

Messages from Teachers and the Campus

Calendar for Assignment Due Dates & Messages

Skyward - Standard Based Grades Reporting.mp4

PreK-5th Grades - Check Student Grades in Gradebook & Report Card

6th-12th Grades - Check Student Grades in Gradebook & Report Card

Student Access- How to check grades

Technology Help

Getting Help With Technology Issues - Google Slides.webm

Getting Help with Technology