The 90 day Mind & Body Declutter Transformation

In 2017, I began Physical Therapy (PT) in preparation for back surgery. At the PT office, I met Cristal & she became my massage therapist. I have been seeing her since for my monthly massages. Cristal and I were talking about her business one day, after a massage, and she shared with me that she has expanded her business and is now a Life and Health Coach too.

It was at that moment that I knew Cristal could help me. Before coaching with Cristal, I was struggling with my weight, my smoking, my phone call reluctance and opening my mail reluctance, which impacted my filing needs as well clutter.

Cristal taught me that if I did the following, I would be able to work around/with my obstacles:

1. If I set-up a weekly or daily schedule to make necessary phone calls and to open and file my mail or take action if necessary, I would find this to be a great solution.

2. Knowing that I love music, she recommended that I play music when handling these tasks and it would make me feel good and in turn my reluctance would become something of the past.

3. She suggested that I incorporate some form of exercise into my life as well.

4. Additionally, she recommended high energy foods and healthy eating habits. She taught me that chewing my food impacts digestion and 15-30 chews per bite helps with better digestion of the food I intake.

5. Furthermore, start recognizing which foods make me drag my feet and which foods I consume that brings me energy.

6. We talked about what I do to pamper myself and I really had to think about that one. I use to pamper myself quite often, but then I realized rarely do I pamper myself these days. With that, I started taking a bubble bath with candles lit and good aroma therapy again; I started doing facial masks again and I started moisturizing my face again.

As I started to do all of these things, I began to start noticing a positive change in how I felt. It actually made me want to continue to do more of what she was teaching me so I could continue to feel better each day that passed. It also helped immensely that our sessions were held weekly via video chat, which kept me accountable.

Cristal is a kind hearted person who genuinely cares about people and wants us to feel the best and be the best we can be.

It reflects in her kind, thoughtful and gentle words/ways. At the same time, she again, held me to be accountable for my own progress and it is up to me to continue on my new journey.

Since my coaching sessions started with Cristal, the following has happened:

1. I no longer have phone call or opening of my mail reluctance.

2. My life is now decluttered as I file my necessary mail in my filing system upon receipt.

3. I walk every day with my dog and am pleased to say I have already lost 17 pounds.

4. My eating habits and portions have improved and while I have not hit my ideal weight yet, I continue to lose.

5. One of the biggest accomplishments is I quit smoking!

I highly recommend this program for everyone! I can spend $20.00 a day on junk that I do not need or I can choose to invest in myself and in return enjoy a better lifestyle, which I definitely need and have gained. I choose the later of the two and I am worthy of it. I also feel I have gained a new friend. Before Cristal became my Life and Health Coach, as previously stated, she was my massage therapist. However, if you have ever gotten a massage, chances are you do so for not only your body but to relax and quiet your mind. So you never really get to know a lot about each other. With Cristal’s Life and Health Coaching, I have gained a new friendship that has blossomed. I am proud to call her my massage therapist, my Life & Health Coach, but as importantly, my friend!

~L. A. Speed, Sarasota, FL

Massage Therapy

You don’t know what you’ve missed till you gone too long without a great massage. Cristal is the best! She listens to the issues you’re having and then goes about fixing them and explaining how everything works. She’s there to help you feel better and that she does so well! Professional, never rushed, on time, attentive, pleasant, strong but gentle. I highly recommend Cristal!!!


Cristal is professional, kind and experienced. She works hard to make sure that your massage is not only relaxing but also therapeutic, addressing any areas of pain, tension or concern. It is clear that she has a mastery over the human anatomy and understands how to use her skillset to improve wellbeing. We really appreciate Cristal's hard work and dedication to not only her craft, but her client as well. Book Cristal without hesitation! -Erica

Cristal narrows down the problem areas and goes right to work on those points and starts fixing the issue. I have already seen improvement in my bad shoulder after a couple of visits.-Sarah

I highly recommend LIV. Cristal is top-notch therapist. For a long time I’ve dealt with the pain and annoyance of neuropathy coupled with carpal tunnel syndrome. Cristal dealt with my issues with care and utmost professionalism! Many thanks! -Joe W.

I typically schedule a massage every month with Cristal. However, after returning home from a long drive trip my body hurt all over. I have scheduled a massage every two weeks for now and this last massage was as great as every massage I receive from Cristal. I always schedule an hour and a half because an hour goes by so quickly. I call her magic hands! She has certainly followed her calling and is the best massage therapist I have ever been to. The next day, I literally felt like a new person. I'm still keeping my next appointment in 2 weeks vs. waiting a month. Thank you Cristal for your outstanding professionalism and those magical hands! LAS - Murphy, NC

Cristal is the best! Her hands and intuitive mind are especially gifted! I always feel much better after my massage session- Amanda N

I have a burning painful sensation on my right outer thigh. It hurt to touch it. I called Cristal she came over and she couldn't even touch my skin. Her knowledge of the human body, she started working below my knee. By the time she got above my knee she could actually massage my thigh easing the burning painful sensation. Amazing, magical hands....I would call her for all my problems.-Anonymous

Amazing experience! I am a very active person and at this age this is the help I need to continue being active. - Alan

I was always skeptical and didnt believe massage was a viable therapy option for real pain. After developing arthritis and severe inflammation in relation to a compression fracture in my lumbar as well as scoliosis I decided to try. Cristal has made me a believer. She has helped me manage pain and increased mobility. It never happens overnight. Sometimes it takes several sessions. Each time I experience more relief. There is something about her technique and movement that is as if she asks permission before she pushes real hard. It takes away the shock that can come from too much pressure too fast. When you hurt and have injuries, that is comforting. Believe me, she gets in there and can go deeper because my muscles allow her to, as if opening a door to invite the therapeutic massage in.- Anonymous