Cyber Safety & Security

As our digital learning environments continue to grow and we utilize more digital resources, we are aware of a need to also increase the safety and security awareness of students, staff and parents. Increasing everyone's awareness is a shared responsibility that helps to protect our digital identities, which in turn protects everyone's data and privacy.

This website has been designed to provide you with the following resources:

  • some of the threats that exist in the digital world

  • some of the prevention tips and advice to help secure your devices and accounts

  • resources to help you talk to your children about cyber safety and security

We hope that you find this valuable in helping to ensure not only the safety and security of Livingston Public Schools' digital systems and resources, but your own personal ones as well. We will continue to update the website with information from resources we feel will be beneficial for you. If you have any feedback or questions about the information on this site, please email or contact the Technology Department at 973-535-8000 extension 2941.