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Kindergarten Parents/Guardians: Please read Dr. Hackett's Kindergarten Welcome Letter

Before you start the online registration

Registrations that remain incomplete for 15 business days will be automatically deleted from the system.

Temporary residence in the Town of Lexington for the sole purpose of attending Lexington Public Schools is not considered residency for admission.

Please select the online registration link at the bottom of this page to pre register your child(ren) online through Registration Gateway. 

The Registration Gateway website will allow you to upload your documents via your smartphone and/or laptop/PC. 

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Once you have completed the online registration and have uploaded all of the required documents, please email lpscentralregistration@lexingtonma.org to notify us that you have done so.  Please be sure to include your child’s name in the subject line of the email. 

Please direct any questions to: lpscentralregistration@lexingtonma.org

Please note that in order to be admitted to kindergarten, a child must be 5 years of age on or before August 31st, and be a Lexington resident. No exceptions will be made.

Required Documentation

Required Proof of Residency Documents

Student Registration Checklist PDF

One document from this section is required as proof of residency. 

Each document must include parent/guardian’s name AND the Lexington address (required)


Required Proof of Occupancy Documents

One document from each of the following sections is required as proof of occupancy. 

Each document must include parent/guardian’s name AND current Lexington address (required) 


A utility bill or “confirmation of service letter” dated within the past 60 days showing your Lexington, MA address, including:


Health Requirements

A physical examination signed by the pediatrician is required at the time of entrance.  This examination should be conducted by your child’s primary care provider.  The exam may be reported on the Massachusetts School Health Record, or on the primary care provider’s form and returned to the school. Required immunizations should also be included on the health record.  A physical examination done within the past year prior to entrance is acceptable, the exam must include Tuberculosis risk assessment. A vision screening is also recommended.  If the student is coming from outside the United States, a Tuberculosis (TB) test may also be required before admission. Please refer to the enclosed information regarding TB.

The physical for Kindergarten entry requires a lead screening including the date and results of the blood test; and vision screening including stereopsis results. 

Massachusetts General Law c.76, §§ 15 and 15C, requires school children be immunized against hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (DTP), polio, haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib), measles, mumps, rubella (German measles) (MMR), and varicella (chicken pox).

Massachusetts School Immunization Requirements*

**VARICELLA (Chicken Pox) Disease – verified by your doctor or nurse practitioner in writing

LEAD SCREENING - Lead Screening is not an immunization; however, screening date and result are required to enter kindergarten.

TUBERCULOSIS - Lexington Public Schools follow the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s recommendations for tuberculosis (TB) screening in children: 

Risk factors are:

If the TB test is positive, then a negative chest X-ray report is required.  BCG vaccine cannot be used in place of a TB screening test because its protection rate is unreliable and tuberculosis may occur after vaccination. 

In situations when one or more cases of a vaccine-preventable or any other communicable disease are present in a school, all susceptible, including those with medical or religious exemptions, are subject to exclusion as described in the Reportable Diseases and Isolation and Quarantine Requirements (105 CMR 300.000).

Visit the Registration Gateway website to register your student(s) online

 Have all of your required documents and forms ready to upload prior to starting the online registration.

Registrations that remain incomplete for 15 business days will be automatically deleted from the system.


If you have questions regarding the required documentation, please contact Central Registration via email at LPSCentralRegistration@lexingtonma.org