The Parity Bits is a gender-minority FIRST robotics team founded in 2014 at Lexington High School. The team consists of a build, programming, and notebook team, all of which are made up of dedicated and talented individuals.

The team was originally founded because a member of 2 Bits and a Byte wanted a space where girls on the team could have more opportunities to speak out without being overshadowed by their male counterparts. In keeping with the spirit of the team, the Parity Bits names their robot traditional female names each season. Some examples include Birtha, Gertrude, and Harriette.

Striving to improve and challenge ourselves at every meet, qualifier and even scrimmage, we surprised ourselves and our peers with our accomplishments during our rookie season. We are extremely excited to continue our journey each and every year!

Team vs Club

Club is a place to learn before potentially joining the team. Unlike the club, there's no dedicated curriculum to follow on the team, as the challenge changes each year. Regardless of whether you are in the club or in the team, you're sure to find a welcoming community of people who enjoy robotics.