Lexington High School Robotics Club

About Us

LHS robotics is a Lexington High School robotics club that is dedicated to developing its members in the STEM field and helping the surrounding community to exploring the field of Robotics. LHS robotics supports 2 major FTC teams;

 4029 - 2 Bits and a Byte 

 8379 - The Parity Bits

Part of First Tech Challenge

First Tech Challenge (FTC) is a robotics championship, hosted by FIRST, which inspires youth from around the world to innovate and compete to further their understanding of robotics. This year, 87,400+ 7-12th grade students from 6891 teams from around the world partook in this competition. Students design, build, and program robots to compete against each other in alliances. Robots are built using reusable parts, and programmed with Java-based code. 

For more Information: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/ftc