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Welcome to the Diamond DRUM Beat, a weekly newsletter to keep you apprised of important happenings at Diamond Middle School. Although we will email you the link to this newsletter each week, I encourage you to bookmark it, as the information will be updated regularly.

Please follow my journey to Finland to study the Finnish education system - The Scoop on Finland. A special thank you to the LEF for providing the fellowship funds to allow for this incredible opportunity!

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On Friday, November 30th, Digital Learning Coach Howard Wolke presented to parents on "Why you should encourage your child to be online more."

You can access his presentation here: DigiCitiParentCoffee

Seen At Diamond...

MCAS Dates Have Been Announced:


Tuesday 4/2

Thursday 4/4


Wednesday 5/8

Thursday 5/9

SCIENCE (Grade 8 only):

Monday 5/13

Tuesday 5/14

Important Notes:

Please remember that at pick up time, cars should not be entering the Hancock Street side until after 3:00pm to allow the buses to pick up students and exit the campus.

  • A reminder that during drop off and pick up no cars should ever pass a bus. Even if the bus does not have the door open and their stop sign out, we as that you please refrain from passing.
  • Thank you to Lonamae Shand and all of the staff and students that coordinated our Family Literacy Night last night. It was a huge success!
  • We have begun composting on Wednesdays in our cafeteria and beginning on November 29th, we will also be composting on Mondays! Thank you to the Green Team for coordinating these efforts. Please tell your students to check for the signage that will be posted to learn how to separate their trash.
  • The Important Tips tab above provides lots of useful information - please be sure to check it out!
  • When in doubt...check our website.
  • Be sure to follow me on Twitter: @DiamondMSPrin

Important Dates to Remember:

  • December 7th - Early Release for Students/ Parent Conferences
  • December 10th - Chorus Concert 7:00pm
  • December 11th - D-Minors, Men's & Women's Chorus Concert 7:00pm
  • December 14th - Early Release for Students/ Parent Conferences
  • December 24th - January 1st - Winter Holiday Break

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