Diamond DRUM Beat Newsletter

Please remember that at pick up time, cars should not be entering the Hancock Street side until after 3:00pm to allow the buses to pick up students and exit the campus.

Also - in the morning, please drop off students in the car loop to the right - do not enter the bus loop by the front of the building except to exit.

Congratulations to Ms. Bromley, Ms. Delgado, Mr. DiPerna and the entire cast and crew of Annie, Jr. - the shows were absolutely breathtaking!

An important reminder - if students are not with a staff member for an after school club or activity, they must leave campus as we do not have adult supervision available.

Please follow my journey to Finland to study the Finnish education system - The Scoop on Finland. A special thank you to the LEF for providing the fellowship funds to allow for this incredible opportunity!

5th Annual Lexington Parent Academy- free and open to anyone who wants to attend

Saturday, March 23, 2019 9:30am-2:30pm

Lexington Community Center

Click on this link, 5th Annual Lexington Parent Academy Flyer, to view the workshop schedule & descriptions online. Pre-registration is recommended, but not required.

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: The Power of Validation in Parenting, Blaise Aguirre, MD and Gillian Galen,MD
  • What do I say? Addressing questions and comments from young children about identity and bias, Katie O’Hare Gibson, M.Ed. and Regie O’Hare Gibson, MFA
  • Parenting with Presence, Persistence, and Possibility, Katie Medlar, Program Director, Calmer Choice, Patty Weinstein, Director of School Programs, Calmer Choice, L.Forest Malatesta, Director of Community Programs, Calmer Choice
  • Exploring the Complexity of Gender, Ashley Barnes-Cocke, Safe Schools trainer
  • Liberating Our Youth from Violence: Looking Under the Anger, Malcolm Astley, Ed. D.
  • They’re Not Crazy They’re Teenagers: Understanding the teenage brain and the impact of substance abuse. Strategies to talk with children of all ages about drugs including alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs with an emphasis on vaping prevention, Elliot Gimble, LHS Science teacher, Kristie Demirev, PE, Health and Wellness Prevention Specialist & LPS Prevention Peer Educators
  • I See You and Hear You, But I Don’t Understand You: Improving Parent-Teen Communication and Relationships, Alan Fruzetti, PhD.
  • Cyber safety: Teaching children to be safe, secure and responsible in the digital world, Lexington Police Dept. Detective Kristina Hankins, Julie Fenn, LPS Assistant Director of PE, Health and Wellness, Kristie Demirev, LPS PE, Health and Wellness Prevention Specialist and LPS Prevention Peer Educators
  • Effects of insufficient sleep on mood and cognitive function, Gila Lindsley, PhD
  • Parents as sexuality educators, Jennifer Wolfrum

For more information or questions please contact Julie Fenn at jfenn@lexingtonma.org

MCAS Dates Have Been Announced:

ELA: Tuesday 4/2 & Thursday 4/4

MATH: Wednesday 5/8 & Thursday 5/9

SCIENCE (Grade 8 only): Monday 5/13 & Tuesday 5/14

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Important Notes:

  • The Mock Town Meeting held this past Tuesday was a huge success! It was wonderful to see and hear the thoughtful and prepared commentaries and questions that our students presented. The proposal to eliminate plastic straws and stirrers is one that will be discussed at a real town meeting date soon!
  • Thank you to the World Language Department for a fun-filled week of incredible learning opportunities! From Mariachi Bands to Belly Dancing there was something for everyone.
  • A reminder that during drop off and pick up no cars should ever pass a bus. Even if the bus does not have the door open and their stop sign out, we as that you please refrain from passing.
  • A reminder that no student should remain on campus after school hours unattended. We are not staffed to supervise after school care.
  • We are excited to announce that we have begun composting EVERY DAY in our cafeteria! Thank you to the Green Team for coordinating these efforts. Please tell your students to check for the signage that will be posted to learn how to separate their trash.
  • The Important Tips tab above provides lots of useful information - please be sure to check it out!
  • When in doubt...check our website.
  • Be sure to follow me on Twitter: @DiamondMSPrin

Important Dates to Remember:

  • March 16th -17th - Ski Trip
  • March 27th - STEAM Fair 6:00PM
  • March 27th - 5th Grade Parent Info Night 7:00PM
  • April 2nd & 4th - ELA MCAS All Grades
  • April 4th - PTA Coffee 7:00PM - Location TBD
  • April 9th-12th - 8th Grade Trip to Washington D.C.
  • April 15th - 19th - School Vacation
  • April 25th-28th - D-Minors Field Trip
  • May 1st - Early Release/ 5th Grade Move Up Day

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