LPS Aspen 

Family/Student Portal

Aspen Family/Student Portal

The Lexington Public Schools uses ASPEN to manage student data and provide information to staff, students and families. Parents and students have separate portal accounts. Families have access to grades & reports cards, schedules, attendance, special education information, progress reports and other data through the ASPEN Family & Student Portal. Below are some how-to guides to get you started:

Students in grades 6-12 can use ASPEN to view address and contact information, and attendance. Students in grades 9-12 will additionally be able to view course information, including assignments and grades. Students in grades 6-11 also use ASPEN to enter their course requests for the upcoming school year. 

You can access Aspen here

Please note: During grading periods, the visibility of grade book information will be temporarily removed for a short time while teachers are entering grades. Once the progress reports or report cards are published to the portal, visibility will be restored.