Learner-Centered Librarianship

"Texas students will attain knowledge and skills to become accomplished readers, independent learners, critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and informed citizens through the expertise of school librarians and the use of resources and services provided by school library programs." -Texas State Library and Archives Commission

The core values of Texas school libraries include academic achievement, equitable and universal access, reading, lifelong learning, technology, information literacy, innovation, and intellectual freedom. I have been in my educational technology - library science program for less than a month, so I do not yet have any experience evaluating library programs. That being said, I have begun exploring the online presence of libraries in my community and school district.

The librarian at my current school, Sheila Frink, demonstrates many exemplary qualities. She is part of a design team to support instruction and incorporate technology, she attends many conferences around the state to keep informed and to transfer that knowledge to our school, she runs the committee that is convened when parents contest a book, and she keeps the students at the center of every single decision she makes for the library. Mrs. Frink also has policies in place that are innovative and promote life long learning. One of these policies involves summer reading. Our library has implemented positive change by encouraging students to check books out for the summer. Not only are students allowed to check out as many books as they want, they are allowed the privilege of keeping those books for two months!

Our library offers many tools to students and parents alike.

I recently interviewed for a Media Resource Specialist (librarian) position at an elementary school in my district, so I explored the programs that were currently being implemented in some of our schools. I happened upon the site for Slaughter Elementary School and noticed that their librarian not only updated the school page, she also created her own Wikispace page to support her campus! This librarian recognizes, as does the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, that she needs to encourage "...broad school and community-based advocacy for the school library program to support student success." Find her link here and check out a snapshot of the elementary resources she gathers for her students below.

Keeping the guidelines for a learner-centered library in mind, I look forward to exploring more library websites and visiting as many of the libraries in my district and community as possible. I can learn from those experiences to begin envisioning the culture and practices I will implement in my future career as a librarian.


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