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Group News Highlights

August 2023: The apparatus for our TABOOS NSF-CASIS research has arrived on the International Space Station!  Read more here.

June 2023: Current graduate student Nazrin Hasanova '21 and alumna Lizzie Ocher '19 highlighted in college article about connections between coffee, cosmetics, and chemical engineering,

June 2023: Our Mountaintop Summer Experience project on Active/Responsive Granular Matter has kicked off!

June 2023: Professor Gilchrist gives a Keynote Lecture at the ACS Colloids and Surface Science meeting at NC State.

May 2023: Congrats to our recent Lehigh graduates Marietta Sisca, David Kramer, and Lucy Moos!

January 2023: Inside the classroom: Making materials from particle-based processes

January 2023: Our article in ACS Applied Optical Materials, led by Jinghui Gao, is featured on the supplemental cover of the journal.

November 2022: David Kramer highlighted in a recent department article.

November 2022: Sam, Maria, and Jinghui are talking at the AIChE Annual Meeting

October 2022: Dr. Maria Chiara Roffin's is selected runner up for the Gallery of Rheology and will be highlighed on the Rheology Bulletin 

October 2022: Maria gives a talk and a poster at the Society of Rheology Annual Meeting!

September 2022: Professor Gilchrist is elected as a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineering!

September 2022: Jinghui Gao gives a talk at the ChBE Graduate Symposium.

July 2022: Its official - the Laboratory for Particle Mixing and Self-Organization is now located in the Health, Science, and Technology (HST) Building!

July 2022: Professor Gilchrist gives a keynote lecture at the ACS Colloids and Surface Science Meeting in Colorado. Sam, Maria, and Jinghui also gave outstanding talks!

May 2022: David Kramer receives the Alumni Experiential Learning Award to support his summer research.  Congrats David!

April 2022: The Gilchrist Lab is moving into the Health, Science, and Technology (HST) building Summer 2022

April 2022: Professor Gilchrist gives a Keynote Talk at the American Coatings Show

February 2022: Dr. Samuel Wilson-Whitford gives an invited talk at the ACS Polymer Colloids Workshop in San Diego

February 2022: Jinghui Gao successfully passes his proposal defense - well done!

February 2022: Dr. Gilchrist will be named the Ruth H. and Sam Madrid Professor of Chemical Engineering.  It honors a faculty member who "advances the study and technology of liquid mixing and allied fluid mechanic processes" and their individual accomplishments.

November 2021: Alumnus Dr. Kedar Joshi '17 accepted an assistant professor position at IIT Goa.  Congrats Professor Joshi!

November 2021: Dr. Maria Roffin, Dr. Samuel Wilson-Whitford, and Jinghui Gao all presented their research at the 2021 AIChE Annual Meeting.

November 2021: Professor Gilchrist gives a Plenary Lecture in Interfacial Phenomena at the 2021 AIChE Annual Meeting on "Flow-Assisted Particle Assembly for Nanostructured Coatings".

November 2021: Dr. Maria Roffin gave a seminar at Tufts University entitled "Gravity-Driven and Gravity-Free Microrheological Characterization" on her work on microrheology.

September 2021: Dr. Samuel Wilson-Whitford gave a departmental seminar for the Lehigh's Materials Science and Engineering.

July 2021: Congrats to Dr. Thitiporn (Orm) Kaewpetch for successfully defending her Ph.D. in Polymer Science and Engineering!!!

July 2021: The Gilchrist Lab is going to SPACE! (Well, just a small part or our lab).  Our NSF CASIS project with Xuanhong Cheng and Kelly Schultz to study thermophoresis on the International Space Station was recommended for funding.

April 2021: The majority of the lab has been vaccinated!  Thank you science!

March 2021: Dr. Maria Roffin gave a talk at the APS March Meeting entitled "Measuring the Dynamic Material Properties of Drying Paint through Microrheology" on our NSF GOALI with collaborators at Case Western Reserve University and PPG.

September 2020: Professor Gilchrist gives a plenary talk at the 20th ISCST Biannual meeting. (A version of this talk is here.)

September 2020: Dr. Maria Chiara Roffin arrives! 

June 2020: The laboratory is back open and working under COVID-19 precautions.

June 2020: Congratulations to Thitiporn Kaewpetch for passing her Polymer Science and Engineering General Exam!

March 2020: COVID-19 is here, but we are still active (at a distance...)

March 2020: Welcome to Dr. Maria Chiara Roffin from University of Warwick, our new postdoctoral research associate.  Welcome Maria!

January 2020: Congratulations to Thitiporn Kaewpetch for being selected as the best poster award for the 12th Northeast Complex Fluids and Soft Matter workshop at Manhattan College!

December 2019: Congratulations to Dr. Karl Seven on successfully passing his dissertation defense!

November 2019: Welcome to Dr. Samuel Wilson-Whitford from University of Warwick who is our new postdoctoral research associate. Welcome Sam!

November 2019: Welcome to Zequn Li, new Ph.D. student in collaboration with Prof. Schultz. Welcome Zequn!

October 2019: Congratulations to Thitiporn Kaewpetch for winning the Gallery of Rheology contest - her poster to appear on the Rheology Bulletin soon!

September 2019: Thitiporn (Orm) Kaewpetch successfully defends her proposal!

September 2019: New $537k NSF-GOALI awarded to Lehigh, Case Western, and PPG on kinematics and rheology in drying complex fluids.

August 2019: Congratulations to Jinghui Gao for successfully passing his qualifing exam!

August 2019: New project with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratories on "Custom Particle Development".

June 2019: Professor Gilchrist awarded a $185k NSF EAGER grant for studying instabilities in drying films.

April 2019: Thitiporn (Orm) Kaewpetch is selected as a Rossin Junior Fellow.

April 2019: AIChE Outreach at Broughal Middle School

June 2018: Thitiporn (Orm) Kaewpetch presented her work on drying colloid-polymer films at the ACS Colloids and Surface Science Symposium at Penn State

May 2018: AIChE Outreach at Broughal Middle School

February 2018: Thitiporn (Orm) Kaewpetch passed her qualifier!

February 2018: Karl Seven's paper on nucleating agents in HDPE is accepted to Journal of Applied Polymer Science.

October 2017: Prof. Gilchrist gives an invited talk at MS&T.

May 2017: Kedar Joshi is selected as the Kenneth Earhart Award Winner! Congrats!

May, 2017: Thitiporn (Orm) Kaewpetch and Zhiqiao Zeng complete their M.S. degrees. Congrats!

May, 2017: Kedar Joshi successfully defends his dissertation. Congrats!

January 2017: Kedar Joshi's paper on scaling the drying length during convective deposition is accepted to JCIS.

September 2016: Alex Weldon and Kedar Joshi have their paper with Professor Alex Routh from Cambridge University accepted to JCIS.

June-August 2016: Professor Gilchrist is currently visting Professor Patrick Spicer at the University of New South Wales as a Honorary Visiting Professorial Fellow.

June, 2016: Midhun Joy and Kedar Joshi present their work at the 90th ACS Colloid & Surface Science Symposium.

May 2016: Midhun Joy is selected as the Kenneth Earhart Award Winner! Congrats!

May, 2016: Midhun Joy successfully defends his dissertation. Congrats!