Core courses taught:

ChE 031: Material and Energy Balances (Fall 2004-2010, 2011-2013, 2020-2021)

Based on the book by Felder, Rousseau, and Bullard.  Material and energy balances with and without chemical reaction. Introduction to phase equilibrium calculations. Applications in chemical process calculations and in design of staged separations: binary distillation, liquid-liquid extraction.

ChE 415: Transport Processes (Spring 2006-2011, 2014-2020, 2022)

A combined study of the fundamentals of momentum transport, energy transport and mass transport and the analogies between them. Evaluation of transport coefficients for single and multicomponent systems. Analysis of transport phenomena through the equations of continuity, motion, and energy.

ChE 202: Unit Operations Laboratory (Fall 2014-2016)

The laboratory study of chemical engineering unit operations and the reporting of technical results. One three-hour laboratory and one lecture period per week. Independent study and both group and individual reporting.

Other classes taught:

ENG 005: Introduction to Engineering Practice

CHE 044: Fluid Mechanics

CHE 185/186: Undergraduate Research

ENGR/MEM/CHE 452: Mathematical Methods In Engineering

CHM 097: Engineering Applications of Chemistry

Process Modeling and Control (at NU as an Apprentice Lecturer)

Elective courses taught:

ChE 098: Coffee and Cosmetics: Engineering of Consumer Products (Spring 2021, Fall 2021)


ChE 318: Soft Materials: Rheology and Characterization (Spring 2012-2013)

Characterization of soft materials using rheological techniques. Fundamentals of rheology and rheological characterization applied to materials such as polymers, glassy liquids and polymeric gels. 

ChE/CHM 391: Colloid and Surface Chemistry (Fall 2022)

Other classes taught:

CHE 185/186: Undergraduate Research