External Press

External Press

September 2023: Lehigh researchers make sand that flows uphill.
More press coverage here, including EurekAlert, ScienceAlert, Science Daily, Cosmos, and others

August 2023: Alumni Bulletin: Sending Science into Space

April 2023: Alumnus Dr. Alexander Weldon (Ph.D. 2014) profiled by Lehigh Communications - article here

November 2022: Gilchrist elected AIChE Fellow

November 2021: Resolve: 'Rocket' Science

November 2021: Resolve: Brewing Interest

November 2021: NSF-Funded Research Could Use Microgravity to Improve Virus Detection and Respiratory Illness Treatments

September 2021: Studying thermophoresis in space

August 2021: Rossin Connections: Coffee & Cosmetics (Podcast)

May 2021: Resolve: Teaching in the time of coronavirus

July 2020: ScienceDaily: Microscopy technique reveals nanoscale detail of coatings as they dry (article)

April 2020: Resolve: Industry Intervention

January 2020: A novel way to watch paint dry

Fall 2019: Gilchrist receives new multi-year collaborative grants for particle, multiphase research

March, 2015: Moving at warp speed

April, 2014: A useful state of suspension

April, 2012: Lessons from a bowl of Cheerios

August, 2011: Lehigh engineers studying potential uses for new solar cell technology - also here

April, 2010: Physical Review E selects work for Kaleidoscope'

March, 2010: Particulate systems - as much art as science, and fun to explore

March, 2010: These grains can be solid, liquid or dust

December, 2009: Controlled Deposition of Microparticle Arrays for LEDs

September, 2009: MICRO-OPTICS: Concave microlenses boost LED output

April, 2009: The minutest choreography

March, 2009: Student's bright, energy-efficient research recognized