Digital Portfolios

Learning Intentions

This resource has been designed to support self-directed professional learning for educators. Consider it a tasting of the idea, but not the whole meal. We hope that educators will explore the materials presented here as provocations to spark further learning and opportunities to design meaningful learning for the students in their care.

You're likely here as something piqued your curiosity about this topic. With that in mind, we invite you to be thoughtful about your own personal learning intentions, be open to new ideas and consider possibility as you delve into the learning ahead.

Navigating the Course

There are 4 separate sections of this course with final reflection at the end. Each section includes various interactive components which will be flagged using the "action item" icon. Once you've completed all the action items, be sure to complete the final section (Final Reflection & Feedback) in order to get your certificate of completion.

Extension Resource for You!

Much of the learning ahead leans on many concepts you'll also find in a book called Digital Portfolios in the Classroom by Matt Renwick. In addition to a certificate of completion, all participants that complete this course will get their own copy of this book.

Additionally, at any point during your learning here (or afterwards), feel free to contact our team should you need any support. We're here to co-plan, co-learn, and co-teach beside you. Simply email to get in touch.

"I did then, what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better."

~ Maya Angelou

Let's dive in!