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English 8

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English 9 Honors / pre-AP

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1/28: Please visit the grade level pages for important announcements regarding changes in policies for semester 2.

For all grade levels:

    • Achieve articles are now due by 7PM on Sunday evening. The 3 scores will be averaged into a single grade which may be weighted up to 2x a normal homework grade.
    • Do nows will be eliminated as a weighted grade category. They will be evaluated as a smaller homework/classwork assignment. The 7% of that category will be redistributed to homework (worth 20%) and quizzes (22%).
    • Some homework will have a lesser impact because they will not be worth a full 100 points (i.e., flash cards).
    • Please visit grade level home page for additional notes.

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Something to think about: "Low Battery"

From email to parents

on 3/12 & 3/13:

  • Jupiter Ed

Due to the insane nature of this past quarter (between illnesses and snow days), I have had to make significant changes to my plans in assessments. Simply put, students have not been assigned the number of writing tasks that I had originally expected to assign. This means that the journal and essay weights would be significantly disproportionate to the number of assignments.

To alleviate that problem, I am merging the "Journal" and "Test/Essay " weighted categories into 1 single category. Their weights (25 + 15) will be combined; however, the individual assignments will also be weighted according to their length and purpose. A single-paragraph journal will not have the weight of a full essay or exam.

The "conventions" grade will also be a smaller assignment within this category (with a weight of 25 - 50 points or 1/4 - 1/2 of an assignment).

With the strength of any exams / essay exams in that category, this will ensure that students will be allowed to drop 1 journal grade from their quarterly average. If an assignment is a double-weighted journal, they would not be able to completely drop the grade from their average; instead, 1/2 of that assignment would be dropped (it would appear as two separate grades in the portal; 1 would be Xed out). I hope this makes sense! :-)

This policy will take place immediately.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.