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Where Will Your Path Lead?



What do you want to be when you grow up? You might get asked that question a lot. Westlake High School attempts to bridge the gap for students between school and a future career by offering several "paths" to specific career fields and for those who are unsure of their path, opportunities to explore and gain insight. 

 Resources from the Career Education Program

The Career Education Program can bridge the gap between school and a future career by offering several "paths" to your dream job!

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Note: ROP courses are overseen by the Ventura County Office of Education, Career Education Center (CEC). The classes are open to all Ventura County High School students in grades 11 and 12. These classes are not Westlake HS classes, but students may use an ROP course as one class in their WHS class schedule.  Westlake HS staff will not register students who list an ROP course on their course request form. Students are solely responsible for completing the registration steps below and corresponding with the Career Education Center regarding enrollment. 

For questions, please call the CEC office at 805-437-1420 

CEC Steps for Registration

*Completing the pre-enrollment DOES NOT guarantee you will be accepted into the course. Class enrollment is limited and not all students who request the course will be enrolled. 

Visit the CVUSD CTE District Website to view all the programs offered at all of the district sites  CVUSD CTE Pathways 

Continuing Education and Training After High School

The Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD) has three campuses that provide programs for students to continue their education and training after high school in a variety of Career Pathways. For more information click the links below.


Career Education gives you the hands-on, practical training needed to earn a certificate, open the door to a rewarding career, or get you started on your path toward a bachelor’s degree. The Career Education programs at Ventura College hold the key to unlocking a quality and affordable education giving students real world skills that lead them to the in-demand, well-paying jobs of today and the future, while building stronger and more prosperous communities in the process.  Ventura College’s Career Education programs are taught by instructors and professionals with experience in that field of study.  Each program provides the training and skills you need for the jobs that need you!