TSI Information

What is TSI?

TSI stands for Texas Success Initiative and is the standard by which Texas public post-secondary institutions evaluate a student's college readiness in reading, writing, and math. In a nutshell, if a student is not what we deem as TSI complete, the college will assume a student is not ready to take on college-level coursework. In turn, the college will require the student to take developmental coursework to build knowledge and skills. This required developmental coursework costs money and prevents students from jumping right into courses that will apply toward the completion of a college degree. If we can avoid this coursework by proving students are TSI complete, we most certainly want to!

Am I TSI Exempt/Complete?

There are several paths to meeting the TSI requirement. Note: Students can be partially complete; on ACT the composite requirement must be met first.

PSAT (as of April 30, 2018) - for Dual Credit ONLY

Evidence-Based Reading & Writing (EBRW) 460+ Math 510+

SAT (March 2016 and later)

Evidence-Based Reading & Writing (EBRW) 480+ Math 530+


FIRST: Composite of 23+, THEN: English 19+; Math 19+

STAAR Exemptions - for Dual Credit ONLY

English II = 4000 Algebra I = 4000 Algebra II Final Grade = 70+

TSI Assessment

Reading 351+


      • 340-390 on TSI Writing Placement and minimum 4 on WritePlacer essay OR
      • 310-339 on TSI Writing Placement and levels 4-6 on ABE Diagnostic and 5+ on WritePlacer Essay

Math 350+

What can I do if I am not TSI Complete?

Take the TSI Assessment

This is a test offered at LISD high school campuses and year round at ACC. You will only need to test in the area(s) in which you are not TSI complete. All students qualify for one free test administration through LISD.

To test on an LISD campus:


    1. Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity
    2. Email the TSI PAA Completion form to document completion of the PAA (for LHS records)
    3. Register HERE for a TSI test date offered at LHS, or refer below for instructions to test at ACC


Reference the Dual Credit Enrollment Steps and complete step 4.

To test on an ACC campus:

Test at an ACC Assessment Center and follow their processes and applicable fees.

Take (or re-take) the SAT or ACT

Let me know if you have updated SAT or ACT scores that will qualify you as TSI complete. Then, be sure to send these scores to the college you plan to attend.

How to Prepare for the TSI & TSI Assessment FAQ's

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Request TSI Scores

If you took the TSI at LHS and need a copy of your scores, request your TSI scores here.