Links for Parents and Kids

Links for Parents:

Stop Bullying Now! for adults

Family Education - School Resources & Educational Help by Grade

Partnership for a Drug Free America

Time to Talk

Parenting Tips Posters

Links for Kids:

Stop Bullying for Kids: Keeping yourself and the kids you know safe from bullying

PAWS in Jobland: Learn about jobs and careers with PAWS the puppy!

Infinite Learning Lab: Learn about useful life skills with Garfield!

McGruff, The Crime Dog: Learn safety strategies with McGruff!

BAM! - Body and Mind: Information and game for a healthy life!

Awesome Upstander: Help stop bulling by being and UPSTANDER for other kids!

Kids Health - Answers to All Kinds of Questions about the Body & Mind

Gen Tx - Inspirational stories about going to college

It's My Life - PBS Kids