Grandview Hills Counseling

Heather Robinson

Contact: or 512-570-6800 ext. 16816

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Grandview Hills Counseling Mission Statement

The mission of the Grandview Hills Elementary counseling program is to provide developmentally appropriate services meeting the social/emotional, academic, and career needs of all students. The counseling program will focus on the social and emotional well-being in our students in order to positively impact cognitive well-being and educational development, empowering students with the skills to become the well-rounded and well-adjusted leaders of the next generation.

Program Goals

The Grandview Hills Counseling program will aim to help students:

  • Develop the whole self, including mental, social/emotional, and physical well being, in order to help students reach their highest potential.
  • Develop the self-management skills (self-discipline, self-control, etc.) to be successful in their academic and personal lives.
  • Develop the appropriate social skills in order to create positive and supportive relationships with peers and adults, fostering successful global citizens.
  • Start exploring college and career choices, and the skills needed to meet post-secondary goals.